Indian Youth and Politics

Politics has lost its charm among Indian youthPOLITICS is perhaps the most commonly used word in every sphere of life these days. Now when independent India has reached the age of 60, why not have a look at the youth and their perception of politics?

Independent India has completed a journey of 60 successful years. During this period we have witnessed the worst and the best. The changes our country went through have helped it to evolve as a stronger and progressive nation in the world. It’s no secret that for our generation politics as a career comes way down the career option list. Politics is losing its appeal amongst the youth of India.

Reasons are many like rampant corruption, criminalisation of politics, apathy towards people’s needs; lack of accountability and the list goes on. When we have so many options to explore, why should we dirty our hands in politics?

We put the blame on the government and our elected members whenever we see or feel that our representatives are not doing their job efficiently. But more than 50 per cent of population does not take part in political process of our country. Thus we have no right to blame anyone except ourselves. We all feel that the system needs to be changed but we don’t want to take the responsibility on our shoulders. We have potential human resources who can change the scenario, but they choose to go to UK or US for studies and jobs and restrict their lives only to their “secured” jobs and settle there permanently.

The perception of our generation about politics has generally been negative. Though we have few young politicians, they have not been allowed to stretch their wings. The politicians need to open up and promote the young generation in the mainstream politics. It is stereotype to think that only people with gray hair can become successful politicians. In UK, Tony Blair retires at 58 while in our country the chief posts are mostly occupied by the politicians above 50 years of age. The younger generation doesn’t have any outlet to show their principles of leadership. Now ask the youth of India about the politics and there’s an answer straight on your face. Who wants to join the politics?

But is turning away from the politics and maintaining a distance form political class really a solution?

Changing dysfunctional behaviour is difficult but not impossible. If we as a nation have to move ahead and build the country of our dreams, we have to use politics as a medium to ensure that government remains sensitive and accountable to the people. We come back to the same question. Who will take this country into the era of prosperity, economic growth, sustained development and all round progress?

It will have to be a collective effort. We will have to work together with a common goal in mind. We have come a long way but journey by no means is over. It is important to make this growth sustainable. India has large productive and young population as her asset.

If we truly believe that the future of any country lies in the hands of the youth than we need to take a step forward. Only youth can change the pace and width of the course of our nation’s progress and make India a global giant. If we want to see a better India it’s time to take charge. We have to build a foundation now for a prosperous future. Unless youth feel concerned and gets involved in politics at all stages, we cannot expect a nation to grow.

Remember, it is not good for a nation when its citizens only complain and expect someone else to fix their problems.

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  1. “politic”-everyone says its a dirty game,i want to ask those “what about the other games of life u r playing?”if we have right to speak against politics and politiciation then we have to chose the right leaders.yes for this we have to know whats going on n who is the best?don’t run just stay n fight in right way.

  2. Youth participation in politics was not much seen upto last election. However, today we have some politicians like rahul, priyanka, deora, Jyoti.. shinde (gwalior), raj thakre any many more on local and state level. The only problem is that these are from the political backgrond and work on the blessings of their father or mother or some close relative. Had they been from non political family they may not have gained the status they have today. Bharat Uday Mission is one outfit of IITians who are planning to enter in politics at a certain point of time. Though I have not seen their latest activities, whatever they did was very systematic and giving boost for young ones to participate in politics. However, the current young politicians mentioned above have not been able to get rid of the problems like corruption whiche means they have also become a part and parcel of the same corrupt politics. Else there would have been a sizable change today. May be some one from us need to take controls in future.


  3. It’s perfectly true.If our aged leaders in the past could bring about such a revolution then why can’t we.Sitting in the corner and critisizing the contamination of corrupt leaders will not make and difference between us and those leaders.It’s important for us to know the manner in which we are governed. And this I do not think distracts us from our duties towards our parents and other things. In fact, politics is a concern for the better needs of common people. So in a way we only become more conscious of our duties towards society at large.
    Moreover, the young population of country can always have fresh ideas to alleviate a cetain problem. it is true to a certain extent that with age comes experience, and that has been well established by the likes of our very own PM, Mr. Manmohan Sigh, who has an excellent academic knowledge and experience to lead India, but also the likes of BSchool graduates like Sachin Pilot, MIlind deora adds life and a fresh set of ideas to the decision making bodies.
    So to revive the current System it’s we the “Youth” who needs to step in the system and change it for better,
    So that our next generation do not have same-things to say in this kind of discussion.

  4. Today’s Indian youth is a generation full of hope and promise. I am talking about my generation, those born in the Indira Gandhi era (1966-1984). Now at the dawn of the Third Millennium, this generation is poised to become the new leaders, those that will carry forward the torch of our nation’s politics, culture, business, sports, music, cinema, society and basically be the representatives of India in all fields

    How many young Indians today would list politics as their chosen field of interest? Very few. But why is this?

  5. if I as a youth would gain something from the politics, I would take part . but will I be allowed! Is the Shining India ready for politicians who are educated and eager for a revolution . or are there masses who are satisfied with the conditions ?
    NEXT QUESTION : Why should I take part in politics? My life is fine , am not affected by it and don;t care about being an Indian ! what would I gain >?
    question which we all ask , and somehow never find an answer. politics is a dirty game and nobody wants to enter the puddle .forget the youth, there has not been any fresh candidates in the legislature for a long time and there has not been a single new ideal figure for the youth !
    youth is not disinterested , its kept aside , or made busy in other things in life .

  6. Well i agree with you one few points but then whose responsibility is to change the system.
    We do no good by just complaining and expecting others to fix our problems.
    It is not that youth are kept aside but yes they are being given less opportunities and are still not involved in matters pertaining to nation. This should be done.
    Moreover youth should not hesitate to join politics and political parties should also make some amendments and give youth more space in the set up.

  7. Excuse me Rishabh, if u think the parties will make amendments for the youth, then itz better 2 4get about the idea….we have to take the cleansing job upon ourselves….i think the youth of today should form a political organization [unlike the blood-loving student unions] determined to make REAL change to this stagnating pool of Indian politics…

  8. Ya absolutely Asish the govt will neither make amendments nor have an Idea of doing that.
    Its difficult for an individual to form a party but forming a small group and concentrate all the-ve factors of the society to that extent that they would be transformed to betterment of ours

    And offcourse its afterall an endless debate of NATURE vs NURTURE right——-

  9. Hii frnds! M jst out of college aftr my MBBS..Aftr d terror attacks in mum,it seems suddenly india z ful of beamin ideas of change..Bt who wil organise dem n channelise 4 a promisin future…R our politicians motivated enough 4 dat..I feel answr is no.Rarely do v get politcian who doesnt indulge in cheap votebank politics.`
    its time 4 us youths 2 rise n deliver..V cn bring d change v dream n talk of..Path is nt easy bt its nt impossible..V wnt b able 2 luk into d eyes of our nxt genertn if v faild 2 deliver jst becoz v r too engrossd in our own lives

  10. We, the People of India deserve better governance. We are capable of better governance. Therefore, Act for Change. Act Now!
    PPI is action for change. For more information visit

    Professionals Party of India (PPI) is a dignified constitutional platform for India’s middle class to rightfully participate in our political process fearlessly. PPI comprises professionals from every walk of life and is an excellent medium for everyone to give voice to their concerns and participate in result oriented political change.

    PPI is a movement, born out of years of painstaking research to identify pragmatic and actionable, India centric solutions, customized to India’s unique demographic, social, cultural and economic conditions.

    Professionals Party of India is a formally registered political party with the Election Commission of India in August 2008, under the Representation of the People Act.

  11. Well! If youngsters choose politics as a career is really a good sign.Do you think this will happen immediately? Let me know how many of us have voter Identity card to utilize our votes to elect a good leader. Here I am not blaming anyone as we are existing in such a surroundings/situations. Think about the basic roots that has to be changed. As our president Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam quoted “This nation can be changed by two ideal persons one is TEACHER and second one is MOTHER”. So a child who has grown under the noble guidance of these two ideal persons can do wonders. Finally what I meant to say If we concentrate laying good foundation to our children It will automatically change everything. As our father of the nation said “To be politically active means to care for the soceity & not become an MLA or MP”.

    My apologies If I conveyed wrongly.

    I am very glad to discuss with you all above who are having a great idea that “YOUTH HAVE TO TAKE PART IN POLITICS” to prosper our country “INDIA”. As you all think, i too have a zeal to do something to our INDIA, to change the systems that have failed to work, to abolish poverty, corruption, corrupted politics, etc and make INDIA to be remained as an IDEAL COUNTRY in this world.
    There are many aspects in our INDIA, as i mentioned above like-poverty, corruption, politics, crimes, rural developments, etc have to be changed. And all these can be changed only when a right person have the POWER in his hands. And we all know that, the POWER can be gained only through POLITICS.
    In INDIA there are a lot number of people who admire Mr.OBAMA HE has become an ideal role to many of the people. But instead of admiring, why don’t we try to become an another IDEAL ROLE through the inspiration of such great personalities.
    And before we want to become a political member, lets think a second that, what have we done to our country, what efforts have we put to glorify our country till now, so that we have the right to be a leader to the people in our country. What’s the eligibility we have to become a leader? I think you can understand what i mean.
    So, finally what i want to reveal is, before we the youth, plan for a political party,
    -Lets form an association which consists of youth as members.
    -Lets get funds in the name of our association and start serving our people in all aspects that we can.
    -Lets serve our people for at least of 4 years and let us know the value of people, the value of people’s money, the value of pain, the value of struggle………and finally the value of our country.
    -Lets get the eligibility become a leader by serving to our country for at least four years
    -Lets have an association with a system of ideal principles, unique thoughts and ideal workers. And let us make our Indians know the perfect system and the perfect leaders.
    -We have to change the people view on politicians. They should find only one difference between a military soldier and the politician
    i.e., soldier fights for INDIA and for INDIANS at the border and politicians fight for INDIA and INDIANS inside the border.
    -The discussions in parliament should not be as-which minister has eaten the people money and up to what extent he has been corrupted but instead should discuss about what extra measures we should take to prosper our INDIA and our INDIANS.
    -And once the person realizes that we are eligible to be the leaders, and then we shall start glorifying our INDIA.


  13. i agree fully …
    youth does’nt realise what politics is…and not want to know also…why youngsters are running one of the younster,today when i was interviwed and said to discuss about role of the youth in was to difficult to answer.. as i knew but unable to put up in words, bcoz nobody thought to play a role in politics as said we just focus to build our careers and helpout our family… hence forget india is also our family where we have to dedicate some part of our life..think about child labour and total freedam for all people and women who is always targeted,touchered always..

  14. Well the topic is in grt demand fr GDs for students and youngsters.But the sarcasm here is that the topic is restricted to mere discussions and no actual participation.The spark to improve and subvert all problems of our nation seems missing in youth,the required zeal and enthusiasm is lost somwhere.
    When asked fr suggestions, we blame our corrupt govt. system, bt may i ask how many of u hv got ur voters ID issued or how many of u are aware of the political parties and their contribution in nation’s well being??But for this entire blame cant be set on youngsters as politics hs become merely a name game pouring leaders from famous clans or high profiles. We need to immediately work upon it and anyhw prevent the brain drain to abraod to make our nation prosper and make it reach the zenith.

  15. This content consists of useful information for youths, to improve our nation.
    So before reading this, make your mind fresh and prepare yourself for doing the best for our nation.
    So don’t consider this as a message. Please try to think about it and come forward with us to make our nation as an honest and developed one.
    So to develop this nation, we have to get rid off these following things,
    1. First we have to consider Abdul Kalam, who is the best encourager for us. But many youths heard his thoughts and became his fan only. Nobody applied it in a practical manner. So his wishes got failed.
    2. Then like ancient times, now also we are having a single family government. Also we are voting for the persons who are great personalities in any field. But we have to put vote according to their performance in that particular area for people.
    3. Then for us (youths), we are having many communication facilities such as mail, sms etc. But we are only wasting the resources.
    4. Many of the youths are living for our own life even though they are having a little interest to develop this nation.
    5. India is in the top in Black money deposited in Swiss bank “India—- $1456 billion”. People living ordinary life works hard to save money and paying tax without fail but some fellows saving our tax money like this and lead prosperous life.
    6. So, many of the politicians and familiar persons are easily coming to the top level by the wealth of their family background.
    7. Actually as a youth, we are wasting our power.(Even Police have fear to touch us)
    8. Also in every election, old people’s mind is not changing to the new parties which are coming good. Still they are putting votes for old parties as a habit.
    9. Then in job opportunities also, recommendation plays a major role rather than a skill.
    10. Then bribe as well as corruption take part a major impact in our nation’s economy.
    11. Also old peoples and government are still giving importance to caste rather than humans.
    12. Here there are infinite number of parties but not able to develop the nation. But in US, only two parties and nation is well developed.
    13. So among the youths, no leading habit is there.
    14. So as a youth, we have to think and do all things and don’t do silly things i.e. Fights for well personalities.

    Now we put forward all the problems of our nation. We don’t like to make it as a theoretical one only rather we like to make it as a practical one.

    In all youth’s mind, at least there is a 0.1% interest to do something useful for this nation.

    But they don’t come in front to start.

    So as youths, we are coming front first and ready to unite and lead all of u.

    So please join with us and we will start our service to this nation from a single unit and we hope one day it will spread throughout our nation and it will become one of the well developed nations with high tech facilities.



  16. I want to join this youth and politics for my carrier in politics and social work for country become a indian proceed my life.Tell me the right way to proceed.
    sushil kumar singhal
    No.252/A, 7th cross, I main,
    contact no.09740536003

  17. We were going through your article to find info on youth politics and we feel that you are continuing the blame game.

  18. There is lot with democracy!

    But the solution to all our political problems is simpler. We have to keep an eye to ensure that democracy is still alive or not!

    If the democracy survives it will make the regulation.!
    If we hadnt checked it out its the shrinking phase of our nation.!!
    Jai ho!!

  19. ya defenitely you are absolutely correct. Now are present polticians are very much interested only to earn money, not earning saving more money by corruption. Only the youth can bring the politics in the correct way.In my opinion only the youths are the correct person to lead the politics without expecting anything. But is it possible to bring the youth to politics, because our people never give a chance to any new one, and most of the people are voting for thier caste parties. So will they give a chance to youth. But i believe that its ossible, Defenitly there will atleast one youngster in each and every family, we want to canwash our family to support youth………..But i really expect that youth have to lead and rule the state they have some special qualities to bring our country to top. If you have any idea send me. I am a college student i can spread your ideas to my friends…………….

  20. i loved ur article its true that we ourselves have to take the initiative and i truly beleive that in the coming years more youth like AKHILESH YADAV but apart from a political background will participate in politics & surely bring a change by their new ideas.

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