No Hindi Please!!!!

Hindi hamari pehchan hai September 14 is Hindi Divas.

Hindi is a direct descendant of Sanskrit through Prakrit and Apabhramsha. It has been influenced and enriched by Dravidian, Turkish, Farsi, Arabic, Portugese and English languages. It is a very expressive language. In poetry and songs, it can convey emotions using simple and gentle words. It can also be used for exact and rational reasoning.
More than 180 million people in India regard Hindi as their mother tongue. Another 300 million use it as second language. Outside of India, Hindi speakers number 100,000 in USA; 685,170 in Mauritius; 890,292 in South Africa; 232,760 in Yemen; 147,000 in Uganda; 5,000 in Singapore; 8 million in Nepal; 20,000 in New Zealand; 30,000 in Germany. Urdu, the official language of Pakistan, spoken by about 41 million in Pakistan and other countries, is essentially the same language. These are the facts concerning Hindi which is the third most-spoken language in the world. Our identity is Hindi but of late Hindi is getting step-motherly treatment from Indians themselves.

It is a paradox that is indicative of an emerging trend in Bollywood – the country’s pan-Indian film industry may make its movies in the national language but prefers to have its scripts written in a colonial one. In other words, no Hindi please, we prefer Angrezi.
“When VVS Laxman walked in to discuss the first day’s play with the media on Friday evening, there were audible groans — bowlers were the stars of the day, and the reporters were hoping to chat with Zaheer Khan. Minutes later, leaving Laxman mid-sentence — he was answering a question in Hindi — one by one, the British journalists walked up to the table, picked up their voice recorders and walked out.”

Now I narrate an incident which took place a few days back. I was commuting by a local train, when a woman asked me in English if I could make place for her. Why she could not have asked me in Hindi, I wondered. Was it necessary to use English? Wherever I go, people choose to speak English, though most of them are fluent in Hindi. Even the educational system has adopted English as the medium of instruction. Should not Hindi have been given priority?

I am surprised that politicians use English in Parliament and even in Republic Day and Independence Day speeches. I have seen youngsters who are proudly declare that they do not know their national language. The use of Hindi has been reduced to the use of slang. Parents feel inferior if their child is unable to converse in English. There are so many English-speaking classes conducted, but not a single Hindi-speaking class.

We are in the 60th year of our independence, but how independent are we? All industries, including the media, fashion and management communicate only in English. Pilots have been fired because they do not know English. I do not wish to insult English. But people should be bi-lingual and speak both Hindi and English fluently. English is the pair of spectacles, while Hindi is the eye. If people do not have eyes, of what use are the spectacles? I feel proud when Indians do not feel inferior while communicating with foreigners, but what if they are asked to speak Hindi? Do the Japanese or Chinese face similar problems? They have come a long way, but do they really need to depend on a foreign language like our youth do?

It is always good to know a foreign language and culture, but not at the cost of the local language. I would like to conclude by quoting Bapu, “There should be no use of foreign language between two people knowing the same language, the use of the other language then, should be punished.”

The world is changing and it is always sensible to change with the changing situation. But we cannot afford to forget Hindi and its rich culture because it is the pillar our country rests on. If this support were to weaken, it would lead to a catastrophe. It is high time we respected our mother tongue national language. The Hindi Divas should not be the only day when we remember our identity, i.e. Hindi.

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  1. I am glad to inform you that now we have a programming language in our own language, Hindi. I have developed a new programming language named “SKTN Hindi Programming Language”. The language is currently in its initial stage and is developing continuously. The first beta of the language and the accompanying IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is released on August 29, 2007.

    More information and the IDE can be found on

    The SKTN Hindi Programming Language is primarily developed for imparting basic programming knowledge to those who are new to programming and are less comfortable with English, so that they can use their native language to understand the concepts of programming and undertake SKTN Hindi Programming Language as their first step towards the field of programming. The language and the associated IDE are intended to be kept as a freeware forever.

  2. FYI- India doesn’t have any national language. English and Hindi are the official languages of the central government.There is a difference between “national” and “official”.There are around 23 official languages for India
    I feel pity for your ignorance.You should not call yourself Indian without knowing the facts about India.

  3. Very Correct raj that Hindi and English are official languages of India. But HINDI is our national language and it was chosen after our independence. The constitution also mentions special development for Hindi.
    Article 351. Directive for development of the Hindi language: –

    It shall be the duty of the Union to promote the spread of the Hindi language, to develop it so that it may serve as a medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India and to secure its enrichment by assimilating without interfering with its genius, the forms, style and expressions used in Hindustani and in the other languages of India specified in the Eighth Schedule, and by drawing, wherever necessary or desirable, for its vocabulary, primarily on Sanskrit and secondarily on other languages.

  4. india does NOT have any national language

    Part XVII of the constitution:
    This part 17, defines an OFFICIAL language, NOT a national language.

    Article 345: This gives the State govt., power to decide its own “OFFICIAL LANGUAGE”

    Article 343: This defines Hindi in devangari script and English to be the “OFFICIAL LANGUAGES” of union govt.

    DIFFERENCE between National and Official Language:

    NATIONAL LANGUAGE: Defines the people of the nation, culture, history.

    OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: A language that is used for official communication

    While a National language by default can become the Official language, an Official language has to be APPROVED legally to become the National language.

    All languages spoken in India, starting from the most populous to the least are our national languages, because all of them define the people of this nation, culture and their history collectively.

    India has NO LEGALLY DEFINED NATIONAL LANGUAGES ONLY 23 OFFICIAL languages as per the constitution.

  5. India is a land of many tongues. India is a multilingual society with at least 30 different languages and around 2000 dialects. The government of India recognizes 112 mother tongues that have more than 10,000 speakers. 188 languages have been tabulated, and as many as 544 dialects identified.
    Hindi is the official national language of India.
    The Indian constitution also recognizes 18 principal state languages, along with English, which are used in schools and in official transactions. These are Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Manipuri, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Telugu, Tamil, and Urdu.

  6. dear all, I can see that the discussion is all heating up but the fact remains whether national or official Hindi has been receiving a step motherly treatment!
    As per a report of 2002 there has not been a single translation of the Constitution in hindi. The government plans to so soon ( at that time) but taking into account the effort required and the pace at which the government works I doubt it has been done yet!
    And we are only talking of hindi language, about the other regional language the less said the better.
    The point is Hindi and NOT ENGLISH is the language of the masses and the rural India. Neglecting hindi is essentially depriving the masses from their right to development.
    In the words of Mahatma Gandhi “bharat ka uthan tabhi hoga jab hindi ka uthan ho”

  7. The point is Hindi and NOT ENGLISH is the language of the masses and the rural India. — Wrong statment.

    you mean to say that 99% of the masses and rural india speaks hindi?

    India is not just the BIMARU states.Learn about the different states in india and the languages they speak.

  8. This guy Raj i think is obsessed with English. If that the case then let him speak what he says. I know that Hindi might not be national language but it is language spoken by majority be it Gujrati, Bengali, Punjabi, Tamil,etc all speak hindi…………moreover 547 million of population speaks hindi………and let me tell you that ur mention of BIMARU sates is sick……..u seem to be BIMAR to me…… get out of this discussion u idiot……..

  9. Raj, little knowledge is dangerous! You have been sarcastic, arrogant, flauntful, sadistic, disrespectful and discrimnatory in your comments. You are arguing for the sake of argument. If that’s your wish so be it! ( I might have given to your claim had you been a little modest)

    You have agreed that Hindi is our “official” language but you have yet to prove that it is not our “national” language. Back it up with concrete proof or scan the entire constitution and post! No links to xyz pages allowed. I REFUSE TO EXCEPT THEIR AUTHENTICITY. I being myself a computer engineer knows fully well that there is no governing body on the internet that verifies the statement made on the net. And certainly not wiki!!!

    By the way, how much are you educated? Class 1 fail?

    Since majority/masses means to 99% to you. And you were certainly not able to understand my statement “And we are only talking of hindi language, about the other regional language the less said the better.”

    So, this “BIMARU” Indian has one more thing to say to you, and since you won’t be able to understand it, get yourself a good dictionary and that does not include “oxford”? Ever heard of dictionary??? Hindi main “shabdkosh” kehte hai!!!

    ” You are cute but not cute enough! My dear love – child of english. Get a pouf, sit on it and grow up!”

    Sudhar ja beta, yahan tere baap baithe hain

  10. @falcon
    please follow the link and enlighten yourself. Rishabh Srivastava has done enough research before posting this article.

    Unfortunately i don’t have a copy of constitution of India.I believe that you accept the internet version of constitution of India.
    This site is maintained by the government of India.

    please forgive me if you feel my comments are offensive.
    majority/masses != 99% – mistake on my part i accept that.

    Hindi is spoken by 40% of the populations ( as per wiki) so I was trying to prove that the statement was a wrong assumption.

    falcon, all my reference and knowledge is based on wiki and if you still need more references i can Google and post the links

    Class 1 fail
    I think we were both class mates in Class 1 and you also failed class 1 with me right?.sorry for the personal attack but it was a response to your comment.


    Again what made you assume that I don’t Hindi?

    Also forgive me for the “BIMARU” comment.

  11. dear raj, I didn’t have any objecions to your claims of “india does not hav a national languge” It was your tone ..that the author as well as the other had problem …

    See I could hav gone ahead and argued for the sake of argument but let’s end it now. See nobody over here is tryin to make Hindi “the national language” but u still fail to grasp the bottom line…

    I agree the author made a mistake and he accepts that, so u don’t need to crucify him for that. The Author being A hindi speaker used the term “Hindi” and will always be a little partial towards it. ( “40% of populationspeak hindi” there by making it the largest language spoken by people andhence the majority .. the way it happens in elections lol)
    The point is that if u replace the word “hindi” with “hindi and other regional language of india” it makes a lot of sense.And that was the central idea…
    I am not aganst english or for that matter any language what I and I believe author is against is the promotion of other languge over the “mother tongue ” i our case “hindi”.

    What I object is a student loosing out a year in engg( admission cancelled under perhaps AICTE norms) under MU just becoz he came from a “Hindi Medium ” school (10 as well as +2). your +2 should be always english medium. (during my time when I wasin FE). I dn’t know abt the latest situation.

    Sorry for being rude…

  12. If people want to speak English, I think we should let them. They just want to compete in the global market. We may not like it, but that means speaking English.

    If you live in a non-Hindi speaking part of India, then learning Hindi seems like a burden. So you learn your local language, then learn English. I think that makes sense because if want to grow and aspire to greater things we have to look beyond the Hindi speaking population and into the diverse, great wide world.

    Just my thoughts looking into the future. I also encourage people in Hindi speaking areas to learn Hindi and use it in their homes and with their friends and neighbors.

  13. @JB
    It is not about people speaking in english…
    it is about people being reluctant to speak hindi…
    i know people whom i have NEVER heard speaking in hindi…
    even if u tell them something in hindi…they reply in english…
    and mind it i am in a part of india where hindi is spoken widely, viz. mumbai…

  14. I still didn’t get what the argument was all about.
    How does it matter if Hindi is the National Language or not… Since India is “Hindustan”, I believe we should always support Hindi, and it will be great if everyone in the country could speak One language that binded us…
    Instead, we r busy demeaning other languages… The beauty of Hindi is that it has the power to unite the Nation.
    So, All Hail Hindi…
    (Even though I never got good marks in Hindi in school, I’m proud to say I’m an Indian, and can speak Hindi proudly)
    Jai Hind!

  15. @Rahul

    Great to find you on our blog buddy!!!
    It really doesn’t matter whether Hindi is our National Language!
    It is the fact that people do not know that we don’t have a national language at all!!

  16. Its NOT about speaking hindi BUT a basic fact that people across India do NOT have ONE mother tongue/language !

    In this case, english being the economically necessary language and also needed to communicate with the world, becomes important and useful !

  17. @vijay

    Like you may be knowing, around 40% of the Indian population speaks hindi.
    Please note what I said in the comments:

    i am in a part of india where hindi is spoken widely, viz. mumbai…

    Also check this out:

    Article 351:It shall be the duty of the Union to promote the spread of the Hindi language, to develop it so that it may serve as a medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India and to secure its enrichment by assimilating without interfering with its genius, the forms, style and expressions used in Hindustani and in the other languages of India specified in the Eighth Schedule, and by drawing, wherever necessary or desirable, for its vocabulary, primarily on Sanskrit and secondarily on other languages.

    The Indian constitution advises the union govt to promote the use of hindi…
    and bro please note…it is not about asking people to not know their mother tongue or to not know english(they carry their own importance), but it is about having a language that can be commonly used by every Indian while communicating with each other…
    again…by that i dont mean to say that english may not be used(both the languages are the official languages of the union) but i mean to say that people should not forget that hindi also co-exists…
    the language should not lose its existence

  18. This is a never-ending debate. The arguments put forth by both the pro-Hindi and anti-Hindi lobby lack conviction. I request the pro-Hindi lobby to define what a National Language is. Also mention precisely what should be the obligation of Indian citizens to the National Language. Please make clear if 100% of Indians MUST speak Hindi, regardless of their mother tongue. The fact is the framers of our constitution attempted to declare Hindi as ‘National Language’ but refrained from doing so. If a majority speak a language, it also implies a large chunk do not speak the language. For an individual, any language not similar to the language of his/her region, is alien. Hence for a Tamilian, Hindi is as alien as English. A Tamilian chooses to learn English because of its global applicability. A Tamilian can survive without Hindi. Advising a Tamilian to learn Hindi amounts to imposing and thrusting Hindi on him. My question to the anti-hindi lobby is why not learn Hindi? After all it is beneficial to learn languages. Why aversion to Hindi? In a city like Bangalore, where Kannada is the local language, people also speak Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English. They also live in harmony. What is the harm in learning just 1 more language? it will enable you to help someone who does not know the local language feel at home and comfortable in your place. This will build harmony, fraternity. I wish saner counsel prevails with everyone. The founders of our nation have shed blood, suffered pain and agony and have sacrificed their lives, to unite us as a nation. Let us not divide the nation on petty issues like language.

  19. It will require a mammoth effort and task to counter the English onslaught. The root cause is the crippled mentality and mindset of Indians. I am a foreigner and I love Indian culture. I find Indians are the only people who ape anything western. Even their own language they speak as americans speak with an american accent, while yet indians can speak their native languages well. Indian youth are enslaved by the western culture and ethos. They dress like westerners, behave like them. Even in hot summer Indian businessmen wear coat, suite and tie. Ridiculous!!! We wear that costume only during winter. While our men love the Indian Kurta, Saffron and Khadi, Indians feel shy and ashamed to wear them. Indians feel proud aping the americans. They want to put on themselves anything american. Anything FOREIGN is a matter of pride for Indians. First Indians must change this mindset and mentality. Indians must stop this hypocrisy and conduct themselves naturally. Indians are an artificial and exhibitionist lot. My advise to Indians; Please learn to appreciate your native culture and values. We are learning a lot from India. Don’t ape us. You have a rich heritage and culture. Indians are a lot more intelligent than americans. Indian women are the most beautiful and Indian men are the most handsome. Any woman looks most beautiful only in a Saree and full sleeved blouse. Take your own Aishwarya Rai. I envy her a lot. I love wearing a Saree in america and boasting about that with my american friends. Many guys fell for me and were crazy after me when I dressed in Saree. Why do you feel inferior about your own culture? I wish I were born in India. Indians please change. Best of Luck.

  20. Mitesh,

    I have gone through your views on the link. I greatly appreciate your balanced views, comments and opinions. Please Keep up the good work. My Best Wishes to you.

  21. This shows the ignorance on your part.
    Hindi is not the National Language of India.
    Because Nehru and Shashtri were Hindi speakers, they forced every one to learn Hindi. Please know your facts before blogging….

  22. Hindi is not the National Language.

    India has 1.14 Billion people.

    As your very article states, only 300 Million speak Hindi (as a second language no less!).

    Are you intelligent enough to do the math?

    Perhaps that woman, wholly Indian, was one of the 800+ Million who do not have Hindi as a mother tongue, nor Hindi as a second language. Yes, most people in India, most of the 1.14 Billion, know very BASIC Hindi – fundamentals like… Mujhe Tanda Paani Chayhai… but they certainly are not proficient in Hindi.

    At the end of the day, Hindi is simply a regional language. A regional language that has more speakers than other prominent regional languages such as Telegu, Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil – but nonetheless, a language whose proficient speakers are mostly located in the Hindi Belt.

    Have you ever thought how freaking lost 800 Million Indians would be if you, for an Independence Day speech, spoke in Shuddh Hindi? A political speech conveys a lot more than, ‘I want cold water’.

  23. WOW what a fight of words for giving hindi the place it deserves….and all the fighting is in ENGLISH.
    I think this sums the discussion, amen!

  24. This is a fascinating discussion. Because I grew up in America, and I’m pretty fluent (hopefully) in English, I am glad that many people speak it. My Hindi is more limited. But the problem is that there are so many “mother tongues” in India, and it would be REALLY nice if there happened to be one language that all Indians could at least understand. The lady who didn’t speak Hindi on the train … maybe she didn’t know it very well. I know I try both English and Hindi with some people, and still can’t make myself understood. For those who DON’T

  25. (sorry, I cut off my own blog accidentally)

    For those who don’t know much English, wouldn’t it still be better to have a common language for all Indians? If I had grown up in India rather than America, having some resentment of British colonial policies and actions, I think I would choose for that language to be an Indian one rather than the British one. The one known by the largest percentage of people in India would be the logical choice — unfortunately I haven’t seen a comparison of what percentage of people in India can speak Tamil, Telugu, Panjabi, etc., etc.

    Well, if you pick up on American English, would that count as rejecting the British English? But I’ll be happy to keep reading the comments in English until my Hindi catches up ! 😉



  26. It his too late now to think about a “one common language” policy in India. Something which is imposssible to be done but politicians and critics use it as a base for argument and fooling people. We Indians are an extraordinary set of people for which there is no match anywhere in the world……our diversity of languages and multiple culture / religion policy is the secret behind our success througout the world today. In India we have different types of people, place, climate,language, cuture, religion, colour, creed….everything. So I believe this is the most important reason why an Indian can adapt himself to any part of the world without much difficulty. Indians within India are well versed with all possible conditions and tuned to automatically adjust themselves in changing environments. Simple example : It will be easier for an Indian born and educated person to settle down in the US / Middle east / Europe than a foreign born and brought-up person to settle down in India even 50 years from now……..So my message is that WE SHOULD BE PROUD TO INDIANS WITH SUCH A LARGE NUMBER OF LANGUAGES, CULTURE, RELIGION, ETC……YOU WILL NOT GET THIS OPPORTUNITY ANYWHERE ON THE GLOBE !!

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