Terrorism-Are we equipped to handle the challenge

The attack in Mumbai in 2006“It is no coincidence that the recent terrorist act that have occurred have been in the states that have party in power that are hypersensitive to their avowed secular bias?Is the no non-sense policing in Gujarat and the attitude of the authorities there prevented attack?”-Swapan Dasgupta(TOI-9th Sept 2007).

I chose to begin my article with this evocative but controversial comment because it succinctly captures what i feel about the current state of affairs regarding national security.Indeed the reprehensible pogroms of Gujarat in 2002 have been used as the excuse by sundry dealers of terror to justify their act.But the hard fact is other that the Akshardaham attack has there been a terror attack on Gujarat?No.Is the attitude of the people and the authorities responsible for it?

In fact,in a recent TOI article,it was said that the A.P. state intelligence bureau was’nt allowed to pick up persons that could have been responsible for the smuggling of ordinance because they were Muslim. And this was BEFORE the blast occurred.This is liberalism gone astray.In the name of “not hurting the sentiments of the minority” the government allows freedom to some sections of the Muslim community to wantonly carry out acts of terror.The authorities easily place the blame on Pakistan and feel they have gotten away with it.

It is all fine to say that all Muslims are not terrorists but should’nt we wake up to the fact that all the terror acts that we read about from London to Bali are perpetrated by Muslims?This is not to discount the danger from other elements such as Naxals and ULFA.their grievances are largely localised and can be solved given time.All it takes is some imagination form the authorities.But the Islamist terrorrist claim to fight for a Muslim Brotherhood.Their demands are often illogical.Their plans are often grandiose.This,i feel,is more dangerous.

Here I’d like to mention the case of the USA.It has’nt wasted time in talking to these lunatics.It has simply gone ahead and neutralised them.Of course,it has come at the cost of some loss of civil right to some segments of the population,especially Muslims.But imagine the number of lives saved.USA hasn’t faced a terror attack on it’s soil since 9/11.Europe,with its softer attitude,has’nt been that lucky.Frankly I’d be willing to be detained in some security line for a couple of hours if the procedure saves some lives.Would’nt you?

Our National Security Advisor yesterday wrote: “We do not highlight our successes because we don’t want to alarm the public”Pray,where was his logic when he was writing that?I’d love to know the successes of our agencies.It would make me feel better.It would make me feel that my government is doing a good job of protecting me.I think he should get on with his job and not try to fool us with his mythical successes.It stinks of bureaucratic arrogance.

The answer to the questions that i asked in my heading must have been evident from the argument i presented.We aren’t prepared to handle the challenge.Our authorities must pull up their socks or risk facing the ire of voters who have been sick and tired of terror.


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