The World Military Games in Hyderabad

The World Military Games in 2007 (October 14 to 21) will be hosted by Hyderabad and Secunderabad at the Gachibowli Swarnandhra Pradesh Sports Complex. “CISM Military World Games” is the second biggest sporting event in the world. Indian Armed Forces are the proud hosts of this mega event. The event includes Shooting, Football, Pentathlon, Volleyball, Handball, Track & Fd, Judo, Swimming, Boxing, Wrestling and exhibition game of Polo. 79 different countries have been invited at the event. Over 5000 athletes, 1000 delegates and officials from various countries will participate in the 4th CISM Military World Games.

The Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) or the International Council for Military Sports was founded on 18 February 1948 in France, with the aim of promoting ‘Friendship Through Sport’. While the founding nations, Belgium, France, Denmark, Luxembourg and Netherlands were all European countries – the vision of the CISM was global.

The CISM currently enjoys the membership of the Armed Forces of 127 member nations, of which 38 are European countries, 45 African, 26 Asian and 26 countries from the Americas. It is the second largest international sporting body after the International Olympic Council. The CISM Games in their present format were revived and started in 1995, also marking the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second World War and ratification of the UN Charter. India became a member of the CISM during the second Games in 1999.

The CISM Military World Games are held every four years, a year prior to the Olympics. The past performance of sportspersons participating in the Military Games can be gauged from the fact that twenty five percent of them have gone on to win Olympic Medals in the year after the Military Games.

The stage for the Fourth World Military Games seems to be all set but the mega event may not attract many spectators, due to lack of publicity and general awareness about the games. Organisers have done well to make the event, which is being hosted outside Europe for the first time, a successful one. But they seem to be lagging behind as far as promotion is concerned in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

The military games – touted to be the biggest ever sports event in India and only the second biggest to Olympics – will see over 4,000 athletes from forces of various countries competing. Over 2,000 sports officials will also participate. Hyderabad has played a significant role in inspiring confidence in the country’s ability to host international sports events. The city has successfully hosted the Afro-Asian Games and the World Women’s Squash Championship. So gear up and hold your nerves for some great competition and excitement in upcoming weeks. Lets’ come together and make this event a huge success.

The Mascot:

MascotThe Mascot for 4th CISM military games is a stylised Great Indian Bison nick named BRAVO.
The Great Indian Bison is a majestic, normally imperturbable animal more commonly known in India as Gaur. It possesses immense strength, vigour and doggedness.

When provoked, its spurt, ferocity and speed of charge drives terror into the hearts of its opponents, similar to the characteristics of the Indian Army.

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