Ban That Bulb!

Everyone I talk to seems to know that we should not use incandescent bulbs. Rather, we should use CFL bulbs that save money and help in energy conservation. Yet we have not been able to either ban or phase out incandescent bulbs. Forget rural areas, you will be appalled at the bulb and electricity statistics in the Capital city, New Delhi.

As per statistics, the peak energy demand of Delhi is 3600 mega watt but its supply is falling short by 750MW. This leads to long lasting power cuts. In the 2007 budget, the state government decided to hike its power budget almost five fold to Rs 1285 crores to fight the energy crisis to invest in building of thermal power plants. Thermal power plants will only increase Delhi’s CO2 emissions fostering climate change, resulting in even hotter summers in the capital.

An estimated 12.5 crores of ordinary light bulbs are still wasting electricity in the state! Surya, Philips and Bajaj, the three largest bulb manufacturers in India are still churning out those criminal bulbs. Changing these 12.5 crore light bulbs to efficient fluorescent lamps could reduce energy consumption by roughly 450 MW, reducing the present power shortage by 60%. Message is clear, some of us know it yet do not fail to use those “zero power” night bulbs and more.

Sign this ban the bulb petition here. I just did. Can you believe it in a country where we have Internet reach of 99 million, not even one million have signed for the campaign?

Here is another creative video from my favorite Common Craft on why you should use CFLs.

[youtube 26DLW3ktGvI]

Why not use CFL bulb??

Source: Greenpeace launches a signature drive against the inefficient bulbs in India

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  1. hmmm a good and practical fact….In a country like India where we suffer from acute power crisis n consumption increasing day by day..( even the govt understands dat by way of the nuclear deal it wants to have :) ).It is more logical and rational that we phase out or ban these incandescent that it can contribute to energy conservation..and that has to begin with educating the people about the issues of global warming..greenhouse etc..but the problem here is no one associates themselves with a cause where they think they cant get any profit or get nething in return..even if it affects them…the idea that all are suffering seems to be a solace to them and people have accepted to live with it..( like in the movie swadesh SRK states ) “andhkaar me jeene ki aadat pad gayi hai…” we always feel that one person cannot make the difference..but theres an old saying ki ” bund bund se sagar banta hai” .this is soo apt .so every one shud do the necessary bit themselves rather than expecting others to start…

  2. Yes, it is hard to start at an individual level..but that is what we need to do without being cynical. My immediate worry is Diwali is near…how to get colorful CFL bulbs? Do we get those in market? Will find that out this weekend.

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