Mobocracy – At its best

“DON’T MAKE US SING JANA GANA MANA, JUST PLAY IT: CORPORATORS”, says “Mumbai Mirror” on its front page with a font size of 26/28 dated 23/10/2007. Below it, in a smaller font of size 18 reads the sub head line “TOO MANY MISTAKES IN THE NATIONAL ANTHEM WHEN WE SING IT, SAY CORPORATORS, ASK COMMISSIONER PHATAK TO PLAY RECORDING INSTEAD”

Interestingly, the proposal was first submitted by NCP corporator “Mangesh Bansod”! his reason: ” This is my first time as corporator. Whenever I have attended civic meetings,I have been shocked to see that most corporatrors can’t sing Jana Gana Mana correctly. It’s an insult to the National Anthem. So why not play the recorded version?

Point taken Mr. Bansod but I have some reservations….

Hello, this is Mumbai, the metro, the cosmopolitan city of India. It’s not as if these corporators can’t speak Hindi at all.

Secondly, Mr Bansod aren’t you from NCP? NCP stands for “NATIONALIST CONGRESS PARTY” right? So what kind of “nationalist” are you people who can’t even sing national anthem?

Thirdly, How much time does it take to learn the “National Anthem”, it’s only two stanzas. I am sure our corporators will be able to sing ” kaanta laga”, “ishq kamina” and ‘”choli ke peche ” !!!

Fourthly, you are a representative of the people. If you cant sing “National Anthem” who will?

Lastly, this proposal was sent unanimously so it must be the view & belief of all parties.

Now among you are the people and parties who hold the opinion of “Sons of the Soil” policy. And it is among you who went even further to claim that “UPites” and “Biharis” are overcrowding Mumbai. They are responsible for every mismanagement and crimes and should be kicked out. Being a person of lesser intelligence I Still agree, but let me tell you that even these “hooligans” are able to sing the “National Anthem” while you are not. So where should you all be “kicked out?” .

Please do tell me my respected, notable, distinguished, noble, patriotic, intelligent, mentor, leaders, and not to mention GREAT SONS OF SOIL.

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  1. I think you’re expecting too much from our “corporators”. May be they were not privileged enough to go to school. May be they went to a school where the National Anthem was not sung. Or may be they did go to school and the National Anthem was sung there but they just didn’t like it. And since they are corporators now, what’s there to learn the anthem for.

  2. Let me tell you one thing that Do you think that corporators are good enough that thay should sing our National Anthem? They are idiots and hungry for power. After 5 years they will come for campaign and will definitely sing Nationl Anthem for you falcon. Don’t worry.
    The politics in India is a devisive one. They still believe in DIVIDE AND RULE. They will diferentiate the people on their region, religion, language, etc but that doesn’t means that we should blindly follow them and agree to their point of view. If they think the UPites and Biharis are hooligans then that is their problem. What the f*** we need to worry about that. They are good and provoking emotions and they will do that. I dont consider North Indians to be burden on the city, if they are not there then we will realise their importance to the city. MKoreover over the last 15 years the migration rate from North has dropped while from villages in the state has risen steeply.
    It will be good if we dont differentiate people on regionl basis.
    I feel good and proud when i sing national anthem if they don’t then let it be. They are the most immoral people in the society….

  3. Exactly guys…
    Does it require to be educated or to be from a particular region to respect OUR country?
    The corporators and politicians are people who take care of their respective responsibilities and eventually are supposed to be a part of the development of the country. The National Anthem is our pride and it is the duty of every citizen to not only know it but also give every due respect to it. And if these people do not even know the National Anthem or make mistakes in singing it, I don’t think they have any god-damn right to be handed over with responsibilities.

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