An Open Letter to Raj Thackeray

Raj ThackerayRAJ THACKERAY, the name, which in the last two days has drawn a lot of flak nationwide, started his political career as a youth-wing leader in the Shiv Sena, Bal Thackeray’s (his uncle’s) party. He steadily rose up the ranks with his charisma and was seen as the number two in the party. However, this was before Uddhav Thackeray (Bal Thackeray’s son) entered the scene.

Reportedly, as insiders claim, Raj’s decline in the Shiv Sena started in the 90s due to his alleged involvement in the Ramesh Kinny murder case (seen as a political murder). As a result, Bal Thackeray pushed his youngest son Uddhav into the limelight.

Always seen as a firebrand speaker, Raj was well known in the Sena for his aggressive ways to hold demonstrations and bandhs. However, recently it seems, he has bit more than he could chew. His recent outbursts against migrants from Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar are totally unconstitutional and uncalled for.

Does he want to divide India on the lines of states of origin?

He shouldn’t forget that it took the efforts of one man, better known as the iron man of India, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to integrate the erstwhile 600 princely states into one dominion, India. Is Raj’s agenda to again disintegrate India – at least his idea of Jai Maharashtra, makes one believe so. If he really wants to be a national political figure and command respect, shouldn’t his slogan be “Jai Bharat”?

Maharashtra is an integral part of India. Any Indian or for that matter any foreigner, with correct antecedents has the right to work and earn a living in Maharashtra as long as the person is contributing to the nation (and not just Maharashtra). However, it seems that Raj Thackeray, either doesn’t have the political finesse or is incompetent to deal with issues that are much more serious than this trivial issue.

What has he done for the farmers committing suicide in Maharashtra and Gujarat? Or, since he is more concerned about Maharashtra, at least for the farmers in Maharashtra? What has he done about the welfare of the Maharashtrians?

His sympathisers might say that he doesn’t have the power. But is Raj fit enough to be given the power, with his evident play of divisive politics? His acerbic tirade against the icon of Indian cinema, Amitabh Bachchan, cast aspersions against Raj’s frame of mind? His question is what has Amitabh Bachchan done for Maharashtra?

The writer’s question is what have you done for Maharashtra, Raj Thackeray?

When the Indian cinema was dying in the late seventies and eighties, it was Amitabh Bachchan’s movies that gave bread and butter to thousands of technicians, junior artistes, carpenters and painters, including Maharashtrians (though the writer prefers to call them Indians).

What has been your contribution to the nation’s or your Maharashtra’s economy, Raj Thackeray?

With the photos of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s activists rioting, vandalising and spreading hooliganism in Dadar area in Maharashtra, are you really concerned about Maharashtra? The damage to public property means additional expenditure for Maharashtra’s government to resurrect it, are you ready to pay for the damage to the government. Moreover, are you really a well wisher of Maharashtra? What about your alleged irregularity of funds in Kohinoor Mills’ deal?

Lastly, how can Maharashtrians even think of giving you an electoral mandate, when you, in a cowardly act (universally condemned), send your activists (or hooligans) to throw bottles at Amitabh Bachchan’s house?

With the conscience of most of the politicians dead in this age of power, fame and wealth, it will indeed be heartening to see, if this letter touches your conscience somewhat and renders an apology from you, for your unpardonable divisive act targeted at our secular nation, India.

By Sanjay Ara in Merinews

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  1. What a pity to see an Indian speaking against Indians. I judge rightly that all men were born to the planet earth and deserve to their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness where so ever they desire. There is no natural fence around the State of Maharashtra. Get real Mr. Thackeray.

  2. It is wrong on part of Raj to resort to attack on North Indians in Mumbai. if he is so concerned Shiv sena or MNS should help marathi people get more jobs/ access to loans/capital for doing business. That is more important than simply rioting and inciting communal passions.
    Personally these baba log and spoilt brats of big politicians who spend their time doing destructive things like this must be electorally defeated.

  3. Raj babu, have you thought of Mumbai minus people from Bihar and UP ? If you have any answer just let me know. I will suggest you learn something from Munna Bhai (Sanjay Dutt). Munna Bhai isko kuch sikha na re….

  4. RAJ is not concerned about any maharashtrians at all because he knows that after his speech against North Indians, the maharashtrians who are earning and doing well in other states will be targeted.
    Does he takes the responsibility of securing maharashtrians living in other states after his speech?
    Before asking North Indians to leave the state the first thing he should do is to call all maharashtrians from other states and give them the same JOB/Business in Maharashtra and then ask others to leave. HE MUST PRACTICE HIS OWN TEACHINGS FIRST.
    More over he knows taht he is not capable of being a National Leader and it is clear by his slogan and speech. He knows his capability very well and getting angry upon his own failure.

    Mr. Raj please go vidarbha and do something for the farmers over there, solve their problems and show your love towards marathi manus, arrange jobs for poor people in maharashtra and contribute for them and then people will listen to you.

    Think big Mr.Raj. Nothing will work out good for you by this cheap dialogues but only hatred will spread. Again think about the maharashtrians who live in other states and loved and supported by the local people there.

  5. myself a maharashtrian………need to clarify that whatever’s going on is not want we ever thought……..but being common man can’t raise the voice agaisnt these giants …….but we’ll agitate in our own way …..perhaps now we have more sympathy and love for our brothers from north…….me and some of my friends(marathi to be specific)have started new revolution at grass root level……we try to be more loving and treat affectionately our fellow bothers.for eg.while travelling in cabs we thank whole heartedly and atleast try to pay an extra amount.
    we are proud to be marathi but wont tolerate anybody trying to harm national integrity …….then though he be speaking our mother tounge………though our indentity has being ruined among fellow indians…….plz dont let us feel that our indianess is being challenged
    |JAI HIND|

  6. I know that this all is stupid parochial politics. These politicians need to getover with there honeymoon of arousing communal and regional passions…..We all have declared his war a null…..

  7. Hi friends

    When it was proved that Raj Thackeray men did not throw any bottles at Amitabh’s house, why are we talking about that? Or are wqe too involved in the fase propaganda against the things which we dont really know?

  8. They want separate country ‘MAHARASHTRA’
    The way Raj and MNS are spreading vilence by doing criminal offences. It seems that Raj, Uddhav and Balasaheb Thackeray wants a different country called as ‘Maharashtra’, then they will be happy. Uddhav will be PM and Raj will be CM. But still they would fight (200% sure). In that case, there will be only Marathi people in that ‘Maharashtra’ country.
    Then they would even divide maharashtrians into ‘KONKANI’ and ‘MALAVANI’. This is not an end. For further scope in politics, they would sub-classify them into poor and rich, literate and illiterate and so on. They are good at classification. Now one more conclusion is “This Thackeray family seems to be much inspired by BRITISHERS. They follow DIVIDE AND RULE”. It’s a quite easier work for them to fool only illiterate and poor section marathi community for their own sake of ‘SATTA’.

  9. We don’t want any answers from Raj – just want to see this demented person in jail where he can get treatment for his psychiatric disorders. Before that he needs to pay up for all the damage he has done to the public and private property.
    However, to be fair we should not just point a finger at this dude; now-a-days in India, anyone who has some political connections and a team of goons, is allowed to run amuck and destroy public and private property…and after all the dust settles – NOTHING HAPPENS! We saw the same thing when dalits went on rampage and burnt deccan queen; we saw the same thing when cartoons were published in far away Denmark and muslims in India went berzerk. Each and every such organization with some political clout, is allowed in India to carry on their choicest fantasies which are mostly destructive and tax payers are left to pick up the tab. When dudes like Raj see this, they get emboldened to carry out their own “hitler” fantasy or whatever, as they are convinced that they won’t have to pay up.
    Why is the Indian govt, the PM the CM, the Police commissioner etc so damn cowardly?
    What is the damn use of having a constitution, when it does not make a fig of a difference to these politicians occupying high offices?
    Does the oath of office mean anything to them?
    Either they should take action and carry out the responsibility that goes with their offices and positions of power or they should meekly step down.
    It is time, we the people have to ask the PM and CM to wake up and do their job or quit.
    Little wonder that terrorists have been striking India repeatedly – all the PM does after a strike, is to say “Indian people are so resilient, that they will be back to work the next day – as if nothing ever happened”. “That Mr PM is not resilience, that is acceptance of the REALITY THAT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE ANY ACTION WHATSOEVER AND SO GETTING BACK TO WORK IS THE BEST OPTION”.

  10. India Shining ! Incredible India !
    And these are the same politicians that want to lead us into the future. The shine is fast losing it’s lustre and incredible is right.
    Mumbai (Bombay) is a melting pot for Indians – It has been built by Indians for Indians. The last I checked, India was still a democracy and people were allowed to live and work in any part of country without ‘publicity hungry’ politicians striving to kick them out.

    Mr Raj – Stop trying to create a divide where none exists. Let the country progress and stop trying to buy yourself some votes, especially from uneducated folk who you can brainwash

    Chak de India – here’s someone we need to ‘chuck’

  11. Theorotically India is for Indian. We can live, do job, make home in any part of India irespective of where we born & brought up. But in practice this never happens because we indians are diverse people & we belive in unity in diversity. No other country on earth have this much diversity. One has to accept both Unity & diversity to be Indian. There are both negative way & positive way of looking at this situation.
    Positively – we can get fill of visiting many countries just by visiting different parts of India. We can learn different languages, see different geographical features & even have lots of different ways of celebrating same festival. In Europe you have to travel different countries for that. Countries like Japan, US are same from east to west , north to south. Same language, same holidays, same way of living life.
    Negatively- we think like mumbai is for marathi, Hindi should not be impossed on tamil, Hindi is spoken by majority so should be national language etc.

    I don’t want to blame anybody but both Raj & North indian polititians forgot about basics of Unity in Diversity. Raj should honor that Chat pooja is cultural part of Bhiharij also north indian polititians should not forget that it is matter of personal belief & is not a venture for political strength show.

    When one accepts Unity in Diversity , one accepts that Mumbai is a part of Maharastra. it has unique marathi face, marathi culture. Similar can be said about any city in India whether it is Chennai, Bangluru, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad. One should not force to change that. Do you like if you go to Chennai & require to speak in Bengali because all taxi drivers are from bengal or go to Delhi & to speak in Kannada to give order in restaurant because all waiters are from karnataka. These are exagerated examples but similar things are happening. From decades you require to speak in Hindi in Mumbai & same I observed in some parts of Pune recently. This creates tension & polititions use these tensions for their advantage. Remeber anti Hindi movement in Tamilnadu or anti Bihari movement in Aasam.

    Time is to spread word that when one migrate from one part of India to other part one should culturaly, linguistically assimilate to local culture & language. One should not encourage leaders to take advantage of the situation. This time north indians should come together & say that they come to Mumbai & made it their second home. They will prove that they are no less marathi than other. They will learn marathi & work with local parties on local isues. They come to mumbai to run away from mis-management of north indian polititians so they no longer consider them their leaders.

    This way Raj & other north indian polititians will be without issue. They will loose but janata will won. Finally all leaders are doing this for votes.

  12. प्रिय राज ठाकरे
    एक मराठी मानुस म्हनून मला सार्थ अभिमान आहे की तुम्ही आमचा भावी दृष्टिकोण आहात. मला सार्थ अभिमान आहे की तुम्ही या महाराष्ट्राचे सुपुत्र आहत, ज्याच्या अंगी उत्स्फुर्थ सामर्थ्य आहे. ते सामर्थ्य जे शिवाजी महाराजनी आपल्या सवंगाद्यान्मधे रुजवले होते. हे त्याच शिवाजिमाहराजंचे प्रतीक आहे ज्ञानी सुबेदाराच्या सुनेला परत आपल्या घरी सुखरूप पाठवले होते. आज सम्पूर्ण महाराष्त्रमध्ये जे वातावरण निर्माण झाले आहे ते मराठी माणसा साठी एक वरदान आहे. माझ हे पत्र फक्त तुमच्यासाठी नाही तर असंख्य मराठी मानसा साठी आहे ज्याना महाराष्ट्राचा आणि मराठी असल्याचा अभिमान आहे.
    मराठी मानुस हा फार दयालु आहे म्हनूनच आज आपल्यावर फार आक्रामक होण्याची वेळ आली. पण ही फक्त वेळ न्हवती तर कालाची गरज होती. मी आज फक्त तुम्हाला एक मराठी माणूस म्हनून पत्र लिहितोय. जे मराठिचे जहाल व्यक्तिमत्व बालासाहेब नाही करू शकले ते आपण केलत. तुमच व्यक्तिमत्व प्रत्येक मराठी मानसा साठी एक ज्वलंत सत्य आहे. पण मला वाटते तुमच कर्तव्य इथे संपले नाही. तुम्ही सम्पूर्ण अर्थे जे केले ते योग्य केले पण भैय्ये गेले म्हणजे खरोखर मराठी मानुस आपली काम सुरु करेल? नाही. आपल्या ह्या मराठी मानसा मध्ये आलस ख्हचुन भरला आहे, त्यांना घर सोडून राहता येत नाही आलेल्या प्रत्येक संकताला तो एकटा तोंड देत नाही. तुमच्या सारखे सगलेच आक्रामक नसतातच. त्यांच्यामध्ये ही उनिव आहे म्हानुनाच मराठी मानुस मागे आहे.
    त्यासाठी मला वाटते तुम्ही आपले दूसरे पर्व सुरु करावे. नाहीतर तुम्ही केलेले हे काम अपरिपक्व व अपुर्णच समजावे. ज्यच्याकडे भावना होत्या पण दृष्टिकोण नव्हत्या. ज्याच्यासाठी तुम्ही पहिले पर्व सुरु केले होते, ते दोन सत्र
    मध्यऐ संपते. आज ranjangaon एम् ई डी सी मध्ये एकही भैया रहयाला तैयार नाही याचे सर्व क्रेडिट तुम्चाक्दे आहे पण त्याच्यानंतर काय मराठी मानुस कामावर रुजू झाला. नाही. तो कठिन काम करण्यास तयार होतो का? नाही,
    तो जिद्दी व्हावा यासाठी काय करावे लागेल याचा विचार करण्याची वेळ आहे. ही वेळ आहे त्याना मिळेल त्या पगारात काम करण्याची. मी मराठी म्हनून कोंतेही काम अंगीकृत करण्याचे ब्रिद पेर्न्याची. जेव्हा हे सर्व तो अंगीकृत करायला लागेल आणि तो स्वताच्या बलावर आपण मराठी मानुस असल्याच दावा करेल तेव्हाच तुम्ही केलेले कार्य सफ़ल झाले असे मानता येइल . त्यासाठी तुम्ही हे ब्रिद पेरावे अशी माझी कल्कलिची विनंती आहे. तुम्ही जर असे करू शक्लात तर तुम्ही राजकारणी नव्हे तर एक मराठी मान्साचे अस्श्रय्स्तानाच नव्हे तर श्रध्हस्थान असाल. तुम्ही हे केलेत नाहीत तर कोणीच इथे कंपनी खोलनार नाही आणि असे झाले तर मात्र त्याचा परिणाम सम्पूर्ण महाराष्त्रच्या अस्मितेला अणि पर्यायाने मराठी माणसाला त्याचा धोका आहे.

    जय महाराष्ट्र !!!
    मी मराठी.!!!!

    आपला विश्वासु
    प्रल्हाद निकम

  13. If other state people are not allowed to work in Maharashtra, the no Maharashtrians should go to US and UK and other countries for better career options. And not only amitabh bhacchan but also SRK and why only in bollywood he must send out the businessmans like mukesh ambani and anil ambani to do work on only their state. Every person who works in mumbai serves for Maharashtra and india either a taxi wala or Mukesh Ambani.

  14. @Manish
    you sound like a militant revolutionary…Lol

    Friend we must remember two wrongs do not make a right. It’s not mathematics…

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