Where is my Right to Education gone?

There is no such Right to Education that is defined in our constitution, but this question raised in my mind when the other day I was reading the newspaper and my eyes fell on an article which said that careers of 171 students pursuing MBBS from Maharashtra was in jeopardy due to the mistake of Director General of Health Services. These students happen to score less than 50 % in Science (physics) and had come to Maharashtra through 15% quota of the all India seats. The Maharashtra CET eligibility requires candidates to have more than 50 % in Science subjects.

Though the country is again in mid of quota war, I want to ask both the pro quota and the Anti quota lobby, where is it written that a person scoring less than 50% in science cannot become a good doctor? The government is playing dirty politics for last 60 years or so and no one has raised any question on it.

The JEE requires 60% cut off in HSC (+2 ), the JMET cut off is 60% in graduation, CAT has a cut off of 50% in graduation, Technical entry scheme has a cut off of 60%, SCRA requires a second a class as minimum condition. I don’t understand is it fair? It is a common knowledge that some boards are easier to score than others. Similar is the case with the universities, yet there is no governing body that ensures that candidates don’t have to lose to others just because they happen to be from a different university where it is hard to score.

Even if assuming that gradation of marks are same across every board and university, It is unfair on the part of the government to allow such eligibility criteria. If a university says that I am a graduate at 40% then I should be treated as one. Why am I shut door for further education? Why am I being denied my right to education? If I am ineligible for pursuing my Post Graduation, just because I don’t have 60% then the passing criteria should be made 60% and not 40%. Why does a university award me a graduate degree when I deserve none? Is it not better to lose a year than being denied education for the rest of my life!

We have a passing percentage at 40%. Making cut offs at 60% essentially means denying a third of the section a chance to compete. We have the world’s largest pool of graduate which essentially means that this policy of the government is shutting doors on a third of the world’s most efficient work force. What right has the government got to do it? The armed forces have no right to cry over the shortage of officers when they themselves turn away one third of the prospective candidates.

Who the hell says that I cannot become a good soldier if I don’t have 60%? If academic excellence itself decides the suitability of a candidate for a job then why are these entrance tests conducted? Is it a mockery of merit? Or is it a money minting ploy? CAT scores are accepted by over 80 colleges in India. If I am ineligible for further education across every country, why do we make hue and cry over “brain drain”? If I have no brains then obviously there can be no “brain drain”! It can only be “donkey drain?”

Why am I made ineligible? Why am I denied my right to compete.? If you recognize the university, then you must also recognize that I am good enough to pursue further courses even if I score 40%. If I am not good enough, as thought by the government and such bodies, what difference will it make if I compete. I will always end up at the bottom of the merit list, but if I am good enough, why am I denied a chance? Academic excellence can be a criteria for selection process but it has to be the last criteria and cannot be the first one.

If the IIM’s say that they do it because they cannot handle the number of candidates, it does not amount to an excuse. You people charge over 1000 INR from each candidate for forms, which at maximum will cost 30 rupees. OMR sheet about 10 rupees, postage of admit cards and score cards 12 rupees ( 10 rupees postage, 2 rupee for the paper ), and about 20 rupees on invigilators per candidate (invigilators will not get more than 1000 rupees for invigilation) . If you cannot handle more candidates even after making a profit of about 900 INR per candidate, and you claim to be the best management college in India, bloody well resign! Burn the IIMs it does not teach you anything. You do not deserve to teach anybody.

If you think I am right even 1% then why don’t we say together, Quota or No Quota I want my Right to Education!!!

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  1. A very thought provoking article.
    Actually sometimes i feel that there should be no criteria for entrance exam. If i am not considered eligible at the 40% then what harm will it cause to anyone if i m just allowed to sit for the exam. Moreover it is quite a pity that in the heat of reservations the government has failed to make right to education as a fundamental right.

  2. @Rishabh ..
    >>If I am not good enough, as thought by the government and such bodies, what difference will it make if I compete. I will always end up at the bottom of the merit list, but if I am good enough, why am I denied a chance?

    I appreciate you think it that way… In fact u echo my words… But there has to be done …mere talks will not be of any ways

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