UNITED PROGRESSIVE Alliance’s (UPA’s) one minister has gone into my head and this ’great’ personality is Arjun Singh. This social engineer wants to become a hero of the so called ’backward classes’, and in the process, he is neglecting the highest education institutes of the country. If All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) became a battleground during the reservation stir, the focus has now shifted to Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). The new order states that nearly half of all faculty positions at the public institutes and IITs should be reserved for members of lower castes and classes, effective immediately. This is just mindless.

Take into account that the minimum requirement for such a position is a PhD. So even after a PhD, one would need the help of a crutch to further one’s career? Does that not bring into question the quality of education itself? It becomes laughable when you consider the fact that the IITs find it difficult to fill in the required faculty positions even from candidates of ’forward classes’ since they are not ready to cut down on quality. [According to fellow blogger Brainwave

The reservation, however, comes with a clause. In case the reserved seats remain unfilled for a whole year, they are de-reserved. By which time the ruling parties can claim their victory in the election and the whole issue is forgotten. Who cares if the IITs have to make do with fewer (or even worse, lesser qualified) faculty?

The UPA government is playing a caste based politics and unfortunately ruining the world renowned institutes for the sake of political mileage. The autonomy, quality and reputation is at stake and yet the government is doing nothing to enhance the standards and infrastructure of these institutes and is inclined to bring down the quality. Arjun Singh and the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has taken a few decisions, which will have their impact in the near future.

If we closely look at the various decisions on reservations in education and now in faculty positions, this has been supported by UPA and none of the opposition party showed any guts to oppose the move either. I have always opposed any reservations based on caste and there are many other solutions that can be more fruitful and at the same time non-injurious to health of these elite institutes. But you can do nothing because your representatives are echoing your sentiments and wishes in Parliament. Right?

I want more reservations now. This will help my country push on the verge of a caste war at a faster rate and this is the ultimate aim of our politicians, who are our representatives. If Arjun Singh does believe that deserving candidates who hail from the ’reserved’ category of the great Indian caste system do not get a fair evaluation due to discrimination, should he not be looking for means to introduce fairness in the process rather than arbitrarily lowering the bar? If not, then there should be reservations in judiciary. After all it is very essential for maintaining the fairness, which can not be provided by the current structure. If we are unable to find reserved candidates for the post, then there should be a recruitment drive to fill the vacant seats.

There should be reservations in sports. How come they have allowed majority of upper caste players in Cricket and Hockey. Even Australian media reported during the last tour that caste plays a more important role than merit in the Indian cricket team. The ’upper caste’ have dominated this stage and its time for them to sit back and let the others take charge of the field. The honourable sports minister, MS Gill should talk to Arjun Singh on this issue and he will definitely find a support from our representatives!

There should be a provision for quota in Bollywood too. Arjun Singh has made reservations in institutes offering the courses related to Film and Television but that is not sufficient. Everyone dreams of making it big into Bollywood and if we can have some provisions, then what is the harm? Moreover, till date there have been no reservations in the field, which makes it ’upper caste’ dominated!

I feel that our defence forces need to implement quota at the earliest. After all every one should be given a chance to serve his motherland. And let me take our defence minister AK Anthony in confidence that merit is not compromised if we provide reservations. As it is, we are facing shortage of officers in the armed forces, the vacant positions can be filled by the backward classes and thus we need no special arrangement to accommodate them as well. The government is planning to hike the limit of Other Backward Classes (OBC) creamy layer up to Rs4.5 lakhs per annum (LPA) and hence should also increase the pay of armed forces personnels to that level, else our officers and soldiers will continue to remain backward. Rs 4.5 LPA means that people with sufficient means can still take refuge of the societal clutch, while the really poor are still left to limp by. So what?

There should be reservations in the private sector. After all the policies of government lead to closing of the various Public Sector Units (PSUs), now it is the turn of private firms. Ram Vilas Paswan claims that the private sector is biased in its recruitment procedure and thus reservation is a must. I totally agree with you Paswan. You have done so much to improve the conditions of the people from your constituency! You held the post of minister in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government and suddenly you realised that the communal Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led NDA did nothing for the backward people and you resigned barely months before the elections. Then you thought of keeping the ’communal forces’ at the bay by joining hands with ’secular forces’ and regained a post of minister for your intentions and support. Even after holding the post of minister for 10 years, you still call yourself a backward!

There should be reservations in the organisational structure of a political party as well. Why is it so that during 55 years of its rule, the Congress failed to have a backward Prime Minister? The party workers want the party to be run by Gandhi’s only. Don’t they want the ’oldest secular party’ to be led by a person belonging to backward caste? The list of second generation leaders in Congress shows that they don’t have adequate representation of all sections of the people. Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ajay Maken, Priya Dutt, Milind Deora, Sachin Pilot, Jitin Prasad and Sandeep Dikshit all belong to upper caste. The party, which has gone to the hilt to promote social equality has failed to do so within its own organisation. This is not fair Sonia Gandhi. I know Rajiv Gandhi opposed the caste based reservations but now the time has changed. Your most ’loyal team member’ has pressed so hard for reservations in education that it astounds me that he forgot any such reservations in your party.

People like Laloo, Mulayam, Sharad Yadav have always fought for the upliftment of down trodden and promoted equality, but these are the biggest hurdles in passage of Women’s Reservation Bill. Did they forget that a woman, who can manage the home irrespective of its condition, can really improve the state of this nation? When it comes to sharing their profit, they are unwilling to do so.

Mind you, you cannot comment on what an Indian politician thinks (that is, if he actually does)!

The government should form a new ministry, which can work on various strategies and come up with ideas of providing reservations in new form and new fields where it can be provided. But then the minister should be rotated in one term of the government. Else there will be reports of biasness against one backward caste by the other. Let this word ’reservation’ grip our entire nation. The Vision 2020 will be achieved when we will have no merit and all of us will be backward in our own respect.

Narayan Murthy once said that India is perhaps the only country where people fight to be called backwards. The upper caste especially ’Brahmins’ should be thrown out of the country because their ’genes’ represent ancestral crime records. In this way, we can correct the historical wrong. The large scale unrest, which will result due to this word ’reservation’ will change the landscape of India. We had division on the basis of religion in 1947 and now we can have a division based on caste/creed/class/colour. Congress played a role in the division the last time around and it can repeat that feat again. If educational institutions can be split based upon percentages in population, then why not the territory itself?

India was only an experiment post independence by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel (he is credited for unifying the 600 odd princely states), which is failing now and that too very badly.

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