A bomb safety costume kit: Best Eid gift in Pakistan

Pakistan may be in a terror grip brought about by terrorists and militants but the people of the land of Pakistan have not lost their sense of humour with a ‘Bomb safety costume kit’ being a favoured gift idea at the occasion of Eid this year.
Pakistan continues to be in turmoil, even after Musharraf gave up the presidency and Asif Ali Zardari took over the reigns of the country. Bomb blast at one of the safest hotels in the country in the capital city, attack on ministers, American troops trying to enter at the Afghanistan and the Pakistan border, the people of Pakistan have their hands full and with the weakening rupee and the high inflation numbers are making it tough for Pakistan this festive season. But the people of the country have shown that they have the courage to hang in there even in such turbulent times and having a good sense of humour will help you a long way in coping with difficult times.
A web site in Pakistan that describes itself as extremely addictive internet lifestyle for the Pakistanis, gave an option to Pakistanis to brain storm and come up with creative ideas for gifting this festive season. Stop.pk has become one of the premier web sites in the country. Pakistanis may have not celebrated the festival with a bang outdoors because of the fear of terror strikes and bomb blasts but definitely made up for it by visiting the internet back home. Their sense of humour is what stood out when you go through the list of the top ten Eid gifts for the festive season. Coming in at the first position was a “bomb safety costume kit”. Clearly the Pakistan people though it would be a great gift to any one this festive season in the wake of the recent bomb blasts.
Not just the bomb safety costume kit, if you go through the rest of the list, the items were equally hilarious. The price of flour has sky rocketed in the past few months and hence came in the bag of flour. The country has been facing frequent power cuts and hence hand fans seemed to be the best solution for any one to get through this crisis. Other ideas included gifting people in dollars for like the Indian rupee, in the wake of the current global financial crisis the value of the dollar continues to weaken. The list also includes a gift box or a ‘dua’ that relatives and friends do not have to contend with any disaster.
The list went on to show that Pakistan people have retained their great sense of humour which will help them tremendously in coping with these times of turmoil that the entire country is facing today.

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