Mr Raj Thackeray has done a commendable job

Mr Raj Thackeray has done a commendable job.
well let me explain.I have been living in Mumbai for past 3 and half years.
And in these past 3 and half years I have seen 3 major incidence of violence against people of Bihar. Let us take them one by one.

1)The 1st one was the case of J.J.Medical college, where tension developed between Bihari and Marathi students on the issue “who will fill his bucket 1st”. Bihari students were lamented goons and Shiv Sena people forced the local police to arrest the Bihari students. Late Mr.Pramod Mahajan said “Outsiders must not dare to challenge locals else they will have to face the same”. Mind you the Congress government was in power at that time both at the Center and the Maharashtra. All the local dailies carried out the picture of students being taken in custody on the 1st page as if some terrorist has been nabbed.

2)The second incident: Raj Thackeray asked his men to drive out North Indians from Maharashtra in the month of February this year. Major violence broke out in the city and at least 6 north Indians and 2 Marathi people were killed. A heartening story of boy of 7 being hit by stone while on his way to his hometown in Bihar came up. The boy was hit by stone pelted by “Marathi Manoos” (For it was not sure whether they were MNS activists or were from Shiv Sena). As a result he went in to coma. His parents requested people for mercy and financial aids poured in from all quarters of society in Mumbai.

3)The 3rd incidence is here in front of you. I will like to quote few leaders hailing from Maharashtra. Mr.Sharad Pawar (NCP) “I can’t understand why a student has to come to Mumbai all the way from Kolkata”. Mr Parkar(MNS) “By acting in hindi movies Mr Ritesh Deshmukh has brought shame to Marathi Manoos. “Mr.Narayan Rane (Congress) is in support of MNS ideology though he says that the method is wrong one.

So how how does it support my statement “Mr Raj Thackeray has done a commendable job.”

1)Never has Bihar seen a unity over on any issue in it’s history (J.P movement being an exception). The example of yearly flood industry set up by both center and state government could have been solved long back but they never united and people never protested.
So 1st thanks giving to Mr.Raj Thackeray to make people of Bihar aware of the power and importance of unity.

2)Never ever we had a clear idea that what others have in their mind.I am talking about political parties.As all the leaders from Maharashtra (I have quoted them in my previous post) no matter which party he belongs to is singing the “Marathi Manoos” cause. Now we have a better knowledge of them and clearly say that they are no friends of ours. Rely on your own power and your leader. Mr Raj Thackeray made us feel helpless when Biharis were being killed in Maharashtra. Had our representative in government been true and loyal to us they would have made sure that some action is taken against Mr Raj Thackeray.

So 2nd thanks to Mr.Raj Thackeray to make us realize the importance of electing the right person. (It high time we give up cast politics and vote for Bihari cause).

3)Why does a Bihari has to migrate.
Answer is simple we do not have opportunities back home.Right, but have we never asked for proper amenities for a decent living from our elected government. The reaction of the person will be Oh!!!common I am not here to ask questions. It’s the government’s job let them think over it. Leave apart parks and amusement parks we don’t even have proper roads, sewage and street light for ages. But we never dare to step out our homes and ask for our rights. Why should we we are educated, we are elite let others do it for us. We will migrate!!

3rd thanks to Mr.Raj Thackeray for enlightening this section of Bihari society.

4)In the past 2 decade Bihar has seen a migration as never before in it’s history. There are only 2 major type of transaction taking place in Bihar.
A) Parents are sending money to their children outside the state.
B) Working people are sending money to there parents back home.

We have a daily routine of calling receiving calls from Papa and Maa. We talk for 10-15 minutes and say everything is fine!!!When we know it’s not fine out here!!
Tell me how can you be fine when you are not at your home. People have been trying to escape from this truth for a long time.
4th thanks to Mr.Raj Thackeray for making us realize that it’s absolutely not fine when you are away from your home.

5)Are Biharis the largest migrating community in India? Well I don’t have exact figures but can clearly say that it’s not so…
Two other state which see a heavy migration are Punjab and Gujarat. They are both inter and intra migrates. But why don’t they face the same as what we Biharis have to face?

The answer is not hard to find.

They belong to developed state. In past 20 years Gujarat has developed like any thing.
Punjab has done the same. One can argue that Punjab has from the very beginning been a rich state. But we must note that if Punjab has fertile land so does our state Bihar.!!!!
So finally 5th Thanks to Mr.RAJ Thackeray for helping us to realize that real tool we need to fight humiliation we face is development of our Bihar.

We all need to decide, if we really want to work for Bihar and see our state as a happy state we all will have to return back. Create opportunities for ourselves on our own, choose a proper representative who will help us in doing so. You can’t sit in New york and blame the government of Bihar and people out there. The reason being simple you are not the one who has elected the representative, same is true for people in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh…the list is a long one.

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  1. There is no doubt that this is the politics that is going on as the future of MNS depends on the results of next elections. Politics can let you do any thing……
    It would indeed be great if few native Bihar people can realize the importance to make your state a developed one. The fact is that UP and Bihar government are making lots of hue and cry over the violence in city against North Indians which is absolutely correct coz our constitution permits us to work anywhere in the country. Moreover even if Raj is right on few points it is not the right way. He lied that the Ads for RRB were not published in Marathi newspapers. They were published in Lokmat and one of the other paper beside Employment News.
    The government of UP and Bihar should realize and think on getting more and more investments in the state and rise up from petty caste politics ands same applied for the people who vote.

  2. as you pointed out, the latest round of violence against ppl from bihar/up is not the first one. The first one was actually in 2003, shiv sena had the honors then. The point is that it has taken for things to become so bad for our (up/bihar) politicians to wake up and even acknowledge that there is a problem while we as north indians living in Mumbai, are at least to some extent have been looked down upon n discriminated against no matter how well educated we are or what station in life we are. Well, as you put it, we must thank raj thackeray for at least jolting BOTH the people and the politicians of our states out of their deep slumber.

    It’s so sad that bad economic policies n worse politics have made our states so pathetic n still we try to ignore it and dont do anything about it, take the recent TATA Nano project if it had to go out of Bengal for whatever petty reasons, why not take it to Bihar, it would have created so many jobs n opportunities but nooo!! leaders up there in our states are too busy squabbling amongst themselves and Mr Narendra Modi can lure the big project to his state to make it even more prosperous. But until something good happens in our states, (which if it has to be meaningful, will happen in a time frame of 5-10 years at least,)who knows what more antics we will see from raj, balasaheb n uddhav thackeray’s. There is growing rage amongst our people over the outright insult that has been handed to us and i hope it does not go to any radical proportions.

    it’s a shit state of affairs really,
    it’s all gone so horribly wrong n on top of that these imbecile f****rs ask for state security for their boss/bhai/godfather

    i mean since when did mns become a political party n the motherf****r raj thackeray become a politician???
    its a street gang or a marathi mafia gang with mr raj thackeray being their godfather right?? sure they may not be into smuggling drugs, arms etc or extortion n money laundering as yet they sure are a powerful street gang who can terrorize large numbers. the hoods should protect their boss themselves no government security please!!

    there should at least be a chance that he can be taken out. if i had a gun or a bomb or both, i swear i would take out the bastard myself dont care what happens to me. i dont have nything against the common mahrashtrian but maharashtrians like raj thackeray n his piece-of-shit-motherfucking-pig-cock-sucking uncle AND even the imbecile maharashtrians who follow n believe these so called leaders really really get my blood boiling ohhhh so muchhhh!!!!!!

  3. first i want to clear two things

    1.i am from jharkhand i or any of my family member even relatives are never been from mumbai
    2.chatt puja is not celebrated at my home

    raj thakre says north indians publish their power on chatt puja, its only drama not worship and people
    who live any where they should follow the state language,festivals and life style soooooo why didn’t he
    say to marathi peoples who live in arab country to don’t do ganesh puja or gudi parwa they should do roja and
    become muslims?
    here in jharkhand lot of marwari,punjabi and bengali are found everywhere so it is worthless saying that we
    have lack of jobs actually people like to go other place to work especially metro cities instance punjabi go aboard
    canada,us to live in when panjab is said develop state of india
    i think the most important problem of raj is his ego problem he doesn’t want to see others except marathi
    like Hitler who used to say his community the best breed of human and Jews the worst breed
    this is exactly the main problem of marathi people i remember last new year when one gujrati girl had been tried to rape
    after few days few people had been arested next day on samna newspaper bal thakre wrote “marathi can’t do this type of bad and shamless activity” also
    it was supported by raj thakre

    thousands of rape cases are reported in maharastra every month so bal thakre means north indians came from north india and rape marathi girls?

    why don’t marathi protest hindi movie industry to force industry to make only marathi movies?
    …i had seen a program on discovery in that program
    a statue smuggler had been given 10 years jail for as an example where as by law he could have given only 2 year jail

    so Sir raj thakre should be given death sentence for as an example so no politician would dear to do this kind of cheap politics again

  4. One point I would like to make .; say for e.g. if 50 lac people from UP/Bihar migrate to New Delhi over years for dwelling/job – though constitutionally correct as per donkeys like Lalu, Maya, nitish, do you think that the people of New Delhi will welcome them.

    The simple logical answer is NO.

    There will be no basic infrastructure to take this additional burden of migrants. The locals will face load shedding, water cut, poor public transport, no schools, no amusement parks, no safety as the police force will fall short.

    Instead of opposing Raj Thackeray, no politician from UP/Bihar has made self -introspection that their own states are in a miserable condition & will continue to be ever.

    The people of UP/Bihar should demand from their Politicians – home, education, development, crime free society.

    Once this is achieved, then industries will come to UP/Bihar & migration will stop gradually, / otherwise these people will continue to live in penury forever.

    And please don’t misunderstand Uttar Bharati/North Indian. Its Maharashtra versus UP/Biharis.

    I appeal to the Politicians and People of Maharashtra to come together & thrash the bunch of joker politicians from UP/Bihar who have been defaming the Marathis & Maharashtra state.

    All states must arrest the flow of such migrants from UP/Bihar otherwise their own state will become like Maharashtra.

    Jai Hind, Jai Maharashtra

  5. No Maharashtrian should respond to any of these bloggers here. I guess they do understand what the issue is but they are pretending that they haven’t clearly understood the issue so that they can portray Raj Thackeray the way they want and create a vague, ambiguous picture which only makes things worse. Writing blogs is good but only if it reaches the one who understands the stand of Raj, MNS & the Marathi Manoos. CHORACHYA ULTYA BOMBA mhantat te hech. Aapanach aaplya gharat gunegar hovun basaloy. Jyanna TARK(logic) kalat nahi, tyanna ‘TICH BHASHA’ kalate. And people still wonder ki ka yevadhi loka Raj yanchya atake veli rastyavar aali. History and facts can’t be challenged. And if challenged it ricochets. Mazhya Marathi bandhavanno, ek shevati lakshyat theva-Marathi bhasha geli tar aapli Dynaneshwari anhi Tukaram Gatha kon vachanaar. Ti vacha, tumhala kuthalech dusare tadvadnyan vachnyachi garaj bhasnaar nahi. Shivrayanchi athavan theva. Yalach Maharashtra Dharma mhantat. Jai Shivaji. Jai Maharashtra.

  6. sagar actually people like you make them(picture of raj thackeray) more ambiguous and vague.
    Let me explain you properly…first of all you Bhen…od people beat people which are non maharashtrian…secondly you madar…od people will always speak Marathi despite the person in front of you doesn understand.why do you MC/BC people hate hindi. i am not from bihar or UP,i have my own mother tongue(other than hindi).still i like hindi.
    now since you were talking about ethics of blogging…then sagar BC listen blogging is done in a way so that everyone could understand what is written over there…
    u are writing marathi as is if it is some internationally reknowned language…if you would have written some french/spanish i would have appreciated you more.. you know what SAGAR MC…i want write many morw abuses…but i dont want to do…i am not a victim of any raj thackerays voilences…i am writing this because it is what i think is right….

  7. i tell marathi people to speak hindi only when it is required…like when they are talkin to some non maharashtrian guy…maharashtrians people can digest gujarati people but not north indians…how come?
    let me tell you almost 98% white collar jobs in mumbai rest with north indians only….no marathi has the right to feel happy if indian cricket team wins a match(because a punjabi. biharis etc etc play in team)..they should not feel happy if abhinav bindra wins a gold medal as he is from north india(punjab).

    you made me abuse…because you arrogance force us to stoop down to ur low level….thts all i can say!!

  8. Dear Sagar and Sahil !! This post was written by me not to make people fight out here rather it was to make people understand the basic problem. I have left Mumbai(It’s almost 8 months now) and seriously I tell you I don’t miss it !!
    I won’t disclose where I’m these days but yes one thing I will like to disclose that Mr. Raj Thackeray do not makes head lines out here !
    How come one can expect that a person who betrayed his own uncle will be faithful to a common man!It’s really disturbing that people are being swayed by such brainless headless man who is all set to become next Jinnah !! No it’s not a matter of joke it’s very true.I have seen his senseless acts and mindless speeches after effects.
    He’ll make the entire Bollywood apologize to him for calling Mumbai Bombay but let me ask a question, How is it gonna help the poor farmer of in far flung corners of Maharashtra? Rather than wasting energy in generating hatred one should channelize this energy for development and prosperity. Jai Hind ( Dear Sagar Hind hai to Maharashtra hai Hind nahi to Kuch nahi :) )

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