Significance of 2009 General Election Results

The results of the General Elections 2009 are out. The results we must say are indeed very surprising and may be on unexpected lines. United Progressive Allaince under leadership of Congress has won on 256 seats while NDA under leadership of Bhatiya Janta Party has won 164 seats. This election has been significant in many ways. I see election results as the new dawn in Indian Politics.

The results of the election are significant in following ways.

1> The people of the country have shown greater faith in Dr Manmohan Singh to revive Indian economy and put the growth on track. There are no doubts on his intellect and honesty.

2> There have been debates that regional parties are paralysing the central government policies. This was not perceived as the right signal. The large number of seats to UPA with congress winning 205/206 will provide the stable government and the required reforms can be carried out easily without the brakes from the regional and communist parties. This is the most brownie point of this result.

3> The most significant part is that the Fourth Front has bitten the dust. This break away alliance of Lok Janshakti Party, Samajwadi Party and Rashtriya Janta Dal from UPA was created to have better deals post poll results. But all the dreams have been shattered with LJP getting wiped out and RJD managing only 4 seats. Samajwadi Party lost 10 seats and was able to win 25. The dream of bargaining for crucial portfolios is hanging dead.
Thus this has been lesson for opportunistic politicians.

4> The Left dream of forming non BJP/non Congress government is crushed. People of the country have rejected the idea and now it is clear that people prefer only two alliances in the central politics. The fate of other third front partners has met an end similar to that of Left Parties. Maya’ elephant will have to walk miles before it can reach Delhi. :)

5> The big mafias/dons and their family members have also lost badly in the election result of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is also a big achievement of this election result. The names include Mukhtar Ansari, DP Yadav, Shahbuddin’s wife, Pappu Yadav’s wife and mother, Surajbhan’s wife, Rizwan Zaheer and Afzal Ansari.

6> The people of Bihar have voted for development and good governance.
The Muslim-Yadav-Dalit alliance has been broken and caste factor has been diminished to some extent in UP and Bihar.

Overall, the people have voted for stable government.

Now it is up to Dr Manmohan Singh and his team to deliver and meet the expectations of the people.

As a citizen of this nation, I am happier with the stability at the center and would love to see India’s economy booming once again!!

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