Winners of the #india contest held during Independence Day

Hi all!

It is 19:47 hours and time to announce the winners of our 5-day twitter contest. It was great to see the amount of enthusiasm shown by all of you towards the contest!

There were 171 tweople who played the contest a total of 674 times. Thanks for your participation friends.

Also, this quiz wouldn’t have been possible without the support provided by & all the help provided by by sponsoring the questions!! Thanks to both!!

Both, have just started off on twitter and have assured to come on to twitter in a much more active manner. Do follow them on @myntra_1 and @gyaanin

We will start off with the winners of the keychains. Since it was the 63rd Independence Day of our nation, we offered every 63rd quiz-taker a keychain to take home! The winners are:

@s4sukhdeep, @simardeep88, @jishita, @ArchisM, @pluckyprob, @atm_215, @agrimsingh, @amanpreetsarora & @jasdeepjon

All of you get a keychain each. Congrats to all of you!!

The following are the daily winners:

Each one of you gets a cool @JaiHindIndians t-shirt, courtesy Congrats folks!

Coming down to our mega-prize. Hold your breath friends! The top scorer of the contest wins a cool watch!!

The top scorer scored 90.77 whopping points!! It is @shan_adhicary. Congrats Shan!! You get a wrist watch for yourself.

All the winners may please email us on contests [at] targetgenx [dot] com to know more about how to get your prizes!!

*The organizers’ decision on any matters related to the quiz is final and binding on all participants.

4 thoughts on “Winners of the #india contest held during Independence Day”

  1. Can’t believe I actually won!!!

    Will have to say that it was a very interesting exercise! I even played it after exhausting my chances.. :)

    And congratulations to all the other winners too! You totally deserve it!


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