Gambhir and Laxman put India in a commandable position

Gautam Gambhir and VVS Laxman’s knock of double hundreds have out India in command in third test at Delhi. Now Australia can only at best think of drawing the game, thus losing all hopes of winning the four match series against India.
After winning the toss and electing to bat, Kumble could not have expected a better performance from the batsmen. Laxman summed it up perfectly by rubbing it in by saying that the Aussies had a defensive approach in this game. You cant really find Laxman at fault here. For how often have you seen Brett Lee steaming in with just one slip and a sweeper cover on the off side. Rarely in the past few years, have Australia played catch up in a series and gone into a test match with a defensive mind set. The writing is on the wall, the Australian domination over world cricket is about to get over and this is where teams of the caliber of India, South Africa and Sri Lanka should put pressure on the aussies so that they lose the coveted No. 1 ranking which they have held for so long.
Feroz shah kotla, Delhi has been a great hunting ground for the Indian team as they have won most of their test matches played here. And who can forget Kumble’s magical ten wicket haul against Pakistan, a feat that is almost impossible to replicate in the future by any cricketer. It couldn’t have been a better first innings score for India. Even after the early departure of Sehwag and Dravid, Tendulkar and Gambhir calmed the nerves. Tendulkar was in a class of his own as he reached a quick fifty, playing some audacious shots which only he can muster. On the other hand, Gautam Gambhir started off sedately only to hit the gas after the departure of Tendulkar. Laxman joined Gambhir close to the end of the first day’s play and it was little known that the two would form the biggest partnership at this ground against the Aussies. If Gambhir was aggressive, Laxman was the usual relaxed. The both complimented each other and gave India what it wanted a solid partnership. Laxman was at his wristy best, even trying to play the flick shots on the off side and Gambhir wasn’t held back from stepping down the pitch and taking the attack to the opposition. The partnership of 278 runs was only broken after Gambhir had scored his first double hundred in front of his home crowd. Though Ganguly and Dhoni fell in quick succession in order to get quick runs, Laxman didn’t disappoint as he completed his second double hundred against the aussies and the thirteenth hundred overall in test cricket.
The test match is now poised clearly in favour of the aussies. The Australian top order will have to bat out of their skins in order to save the test match from here or else they may be staring at losing the series in the third test itself. Whatever happens in the Kotla test, India cannot lose the series from here.

No more Exit Polls?

The Union Cabinet’s recent decision could sound the death knell for Exit Polls in India as the government has decided that the results of the exit polls will have to be withheld till the last phase of the polling of elections is completely over.
The decision was taken for many political parties had been against the Exit polls as they thought that the polls could be manipulated. Even a couple of years back the Election commission had banned the telecast and the broad cast of the exit polls but the media houses had approached the Supreme court and hence the order had to be revoked by the court to allow the telecast of the exit polls.
The states of Madhya Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Delhi, Rajasthan and Chattisgarh are due to have assemble election in a few months time whereas the Lok Sabha elections will be taking place at the beginning of 2009.
The Ministry of Law had wanted to modify the Representation of People Act of 1951 by inserting section 126 (b), “to restrict publication and dissemination of opinion and exit polls conducted during elections to the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies”.
Meanwhile exit polls have had a mixed response over the world. Some countries have completely banned exit polls all together whereas in others the broadcast of the polls cannot take place before the final vote has been cast. But on the other hand critics have said that this is against freedom of speech and the freedom given to the media in our country especially. At the time of elections, several media houses come up and conduct their own exit polls. The exit polls are generally a precursor to the actual polls but their results and findings may not always match that to the actual polls held.
In the countries of New Zealand as well as Singapore, exit polls have been completely banned whereas in most of the European countries like the United Kingdom and Germany do not allow the results of the polls to be displayed before the polling stations close and the last vote has been cast. It often happens that many exit poll groups combine with each other to provide an as accurate figure as possible. This collaboration was done during the general elections in 2005 in UK where the exit polls showed that the labor party would get a majority of sixty six seats and the figure was bang on.
In most of the American states, displaying the results of the exit polls is banned before the closure of the voting period. But it has been noted that these results have been leaked at times. In a country like India the situation is different when compared to America as most of the people in our country are still illiterate and hence they can be easily manipulated by the exit polls. The exit poll results are also known to deter voters from sometimes actually waiting, for they feel that their preferred candidate is going to win any way. Hence the cabinet has decided to ban exit polls for the upcoming elections. But the media houses will be up in protest against the ruling.

Did the CBI mess up in the Arushi Murder case?

The case of a brutal murder of young Arushi Talwar and her servant Hemraj in Delhi had made the entire nation sit up and take notice. Three months have passed since, but the CBI was unable to gather enough evidence against the prime suspects.
The Indian premier investigative agency the Central Bureau of investigation has not been able to find evidence after three moths of investigation, narco tests as well as strict interrogation. The mandatory period to submit evidence in court against the suspects is ninety days and since the CBI was unable to submit any evidence, the main three accused have been granted by a Ghaziabad sessions Court.
The biggest drawback for the investigation of the CBI was the missing murder weapon. Till date the murder weapon has not been located and continues to elude the investigating authorities. But the entire matter seems to have gone out of hand for the CBI for just a couple of months back they had announced that they were very close to solving the double murder case and had taken the accused into custody.
The Talwars’ compounder, Krishna was the prime suspect. He was abetted by the domestic help of the Talwars’ friends the Durannis, Rajkumar and the domestic help of their neighbour, Vijay Mandal. The three were taken into custody but because of the inability of the CBI to charge sheet them, all the three have been now granted bail by the sessions court. Another point of discussion is that though much had been made of the narco analysis texts as well as the Lie detector. But the result of the Narco analysis as well as the Lie detector cannot be produced in court as a form of evidences.
Now that the CBI was unable to find evidence against the prime suspects, it is looking at other forms of help. A letter has been sent to Nepal in order to assist in the investigation by helping find the mobile phone. Also the CBI has gone on to announce an award of Rs. 1 lakh to anyone who can throw some light on this case by giving them information regarding the murder weapons.
Both Krishna and Rajkumar were granted bail by the session court but after paying 2 sureties of Rs. 25,000 each. Both were arrested in the months of june and were closely associated with the Talwar family.
Since the CBI was unable to find evidence, the three accused have been let off on bail. The Arushi murder case though continues to be in the limelight as the real perpetrators of this crime have gone scot free. The CBI will have to re begin the investigation in order to shoot some of the scenes and find out who the real killer is. Questions are being raised about how efficiently the CBI has handled this case. It is yet not known for sure who the real murderer is but yet the prime suspects as by the CBI have been granted bail due to lack of evidence. The Arushi Hemraj plot continues to thicken.

In the name of Allah

Delhi has been targeted again by teror outfits.
Indian Mujahideen claimed the responsibility of Delhi bomb blasts and in an email they said, “In the name of Allah the Indian Mujahideen strikes again! Do whatever you can, within five minutes from now, feel the terror of death.” In one their previous email it emphasised on the involvement of local gangs and went on further saying “We the terrorists of India – the Indian Mujahideen – the militia of Islam whose each and every Mujahid belongs to this very soil of India, have returned to execute the compulsion of Allah.” The investigating agencies claim that Indian Mujahideen is the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) in a new guise.

These terrorist organisations have used “Allah” so many times that it feels that God justifies their stand and action. Whatever they are doing is permitted to them by God. This very concept of these organisation rattles me and I have few questions to these terror outfits.

Does Allah allows killing of innocent people?

What arguments do the militants have to justify their acts of terrorism and violence?

Why these outfits are against the prosperity and development of their own nation? Is Allah greater than one’s nation? (Indian Mujahideen claims to be an All Indian organisation)

These questions came into my mind after I read about terror organisations claiming again and again that their actions are vindicated by Allah. I read few materials on the Internet. “Mazhab ke naam pe khoon” or murder in the name of Allah is the most cowardice act.

Given below is the excerpt from Quran.
The Qur’an says:…take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom. (Al-An`am 6: 151).

Islam considers all life forms as sacred. However, the sanctity of human life is accorded a special place. The first and the foremost basic right of a human being is the right to live. Allah says in the Qur’an says: … if any one slew a person – unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people: and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people. (Al-Ma’idah 5: 32) Such is the value of a single human life, that the Qur’an equates the taking of even one human life unjustly, with killing all of humanity. If this is what is written in Quran then I wonder how come there has been so misinterpretation of the teachings of Islam.

I most strongly condemn all acts and forms of terrorism because it is my deep rooted belief that not only Islam but also no true religion, whatever its name, can sanction violence and bloodshed of innocent men, women and children in the name of God.

Unless god himself from his holy throne split the heavens open and spoke to me. I find no justification in justifying murder in the name of god.

The fact is that these terrorists have no religion and they are trying to create fear and tension in the world for some unclear reasons. They are trying to shield their crime and guilt in the name of Allah. If they have waged the war against the country then also they should follow Islam. If they feel that fellow Indians are their enemy then Islam enjoins that one deals with the enemy nobly in the battlefield.

The demise of Appu Ghar

All good things must come to an end and so did the Appu Ghar. The 15.5 acres amusement park is being brought down to be replaced by the Delhi Metro. Appu Ghar maybe no more, but the nostalgic memories of this magical park will last forever.

In the evergreen debate between the Mumbaikars and the Delhiites, Mumbaikars used to score over their counterparts thanks to the presence of the glittering stars of Bollywood and the safety tag of the Island city. Having passed through the phases of living in both the cities, it used to be a tough choice for me. For having grown up in Delhi, my heart was still in the calmness of Delhi, though Mumbai has become my Karma Bhoomi and I shudder at the thought of leaving it. Visiting my previous home has been on the cards for a very long time, but in the tough schedule that a student has to follow, the dream could not materialize. But in all the Metros and the Development plans being executed in the capital, it has lost something which was closest to the heart of its citizens- Appu ghar.

And in the host of management entrance exams that I had been giving, I lost the chance of visiting this place as it opened its gates for the last time on the 18th February, 2008. A feeling of nostalgia overcomes me whenever I think of this place. Even before I visited the Qutab Minar or the India Gate, I had made three round trips to Appu Ghar. And visiting any trade show or exhibition at Pragati Maidan was incomplete if you didn’t flock to Appu Ghar in the evenings.

The house of horrors, the bumping cars, mini Disneyland, the eerie tunnel were the places I used to frequently visit. Those were the days when you didn’t have any worries and could soak in the excitement of the place. It has been more than seven years since I last visited it, but the park is etched in my memory. Away from the commotion and the traffic snarls of the city, it was one place that despite all the noise that the children would be making would offer a sense of calm. America would boast of the Disneyland, but Appu Ghar for its citizens wasn’t far behind.

February 18th, was the last chance for people to say goodbye to this amusement park. As the number of tickets sold touched 5,000 and the timings extended by an extra hour, people flocked from all the parts of the city as well as the outskirts to visit this magical place. Many children who had grown playing here would have got their children to share the same experience. But, there are many of us who missed that last opportunity would lament this miss for a long time to come. But, as they say all good things must come to an end because that is the nature of life.

It seems that the Appu ghar has been shut down for the development of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. The Metro has been a huge boost for Delhi and now it can compete with the like of Mumbai and Kolkatta in offering good commutation means. But whatever the purpose be, was their not a way of building at some other place? Maybe im being a bit irrational for Appu Ghar meant more to me than any other landmark in Delhi.

The place might have been losing its charm, for children nowadays prefer computer games and gaming consoles to a visit to the park. And with malls, supermarkets, gaming centres opening up in all parts of the city, where is the place to have an Amusement Park. Im disappointed that the next generation in my family could not visit this place but hopefully by the time they grow up there would be something better to visit. Appu Ghar may be no more but it will be missed for ever. I don’t really have much to look forward to the next time I visit the capital. And if I were the Supreme Court of India and had to make a choice between the Metro and the Appu Ghar, the choice would have been a fairly straight forward one.

Heart Warming Story of a Caddie turned Golfer

A rags to riches story that should make every Indian proud. An unassuming Golfer from Kolkatta won the Indian Masters title at the Delhi Golf Club but the Media has been ignorant of it. A great inspiration story buried even before it can be told.

In the first ever European level Tournament in India, it would have been only fitting that an Indian won it. It is interesting to note that SSP Chowrasia had no formal training in Golf. He was a greenskeeper’s son and was self taught. This was the third ever win of a European tournament by an Indian. Arjun Atwal was the first Indian golfer to win the European Tour International schedule at the 2002 Singapore Open Masters.

The 29 year old champion Shiv Shankar Prasad Chowrasia pocketed a handsome amount of $416,660., the highest prize money ever won by any Indian Sportsman. Chowrasia had been playing professional golf since he was 19, but had not won any major international Golf Tournament but with this win he moved up the international golfer’s rankings to 161 and also at the top of the Asian order of merit. Chowrasia always used to fail at the last hurdle that is the finals, but in front of his home crowd he absorbed the pressure to emerge the winners beating fellow greats like Ernie Els, Arjun Atwal and Damien McGrane.

Going in the footsteps of Ali Sher and Feroz Ali who were also caddie turned golfers, SSP Chowrasia now stands as an inspiration to numerous caddies around India who have hopes of playing in an international Golf tournament some day. And Chowrasai too believes that the Caddies have it in them to accomplish the feat, and tries to help the caddies whenever he can.

In October 2006, this man had stood runners up in the Indian Open behind Jyoti Randhawa and had won his biggest cheque of 33,900 dollars. When asked about an international open, the humble down to earth Bengali had said,
”I don’t think I can play in such cold conditions. After all, Bengalis don’t want to move out in winter without their blanket and you can’t swing the club with the rag on” But winning in the cold winter of Delhi, Chowrasia has proved himself wrong.

In a country like India, the Media plays a big role in building a Sport. Golf though a very popular sport world wide has not got the recognition it deserves in India. And chowrasia’s win shows that you do not have to be a millionaire to be able to afford the Golf Clubs. The Media’s bias towards Sports other than cricket is there for all to see. Well, the media persons have a tailor made answer ready that they reflect only what the Society does or indeed in this case wants.

But the Media should understand that it can play the role of a Leader. It can awaken a revolution among the people whether it is injustice done to the poor or the lack of law and order. The Media should focus on Sports like Hockey, Golf and Football. We do not expect an entire Sports channel dedicated to such Sports but at least a fifteen minute piece everyday will not cause any real harm. But, the TV channels would rather play the same cricket clip again and again than playing a clip of a different Sport.

The Print and the Internet Media is equally guilty here. Here is a young Indian who has won an international Masters tournament and is being discussed all over the World but back home in India, people barely know anything about him. And after winning the highest Sports prize money ever by an Indian, he still cannot feature in the Headlines of a news paper or a TV channel.

If in a Sport we aren’t really doing well, I can understand the Media wants to stay away from it. But in spite of winning the Indian Masters, if the Media chooses to ignore Chowrasia then it is due to the Media Bias. What was astonishing to see was on his arrival back to Kolkatta, there were not a large number of Media persons to talk to him. The Reason an IPL meeting was taking place in Kolkatta and all the Media personnel had been stationed there.

The Media needs to wake up and realize that it’s main job is to inform the people and not to entertain them. Otherwise Heart Warming stories like these would be buried even before they can be told.

Political Games being Played all Over!!

MUMBAI IS in headlines for last few days and we have seen some very parochial politics being played in Mumbai and in the country over all. Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) activists are on rampage against North Indian migrants in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Amar SinghThe ‘bhaiyyas’, common pejorative for North Indians living in Mumbai, are being targeted because MNS believes that these migrants, especially from Uttar Pradesh (UP) and Bihar are creating nuisance in the city and are taking the share of Marathi people.

Raj Thackeray is struggling to gain some political relevance and ahead of 2009 assembly polls, he has aroused regionalism to meet his vested interests. He wants to project himself as a true saviour ‘Marathi manus’. But he has touched a new low in the politics by pitting people of one region against another. Such tactics can be very deadly and may lead to total chaos and unrest in Mumbai.

RajThe state government also kept quiet for a week, chief minister and deputy chief minister were busy attending functions, while police commissioner of the city hosted Thackeray at his daughter’s wedding. There is an allegation that Congress-NCP (National Congress Party) kept quiet because it knew that it would be difficult to regain power in Maharashtra after ten years in the office. If Thackeray can eat some of the Marathi vote bank of Shiv Sena, it will ultimately help Congress-NCP.

Mumbai ViolenceOn the other hand, Samajwadi Party (SP) wants to expand its base in Maharashtra following the large population of North Indians in the city, and this tirade of Thackeray has provided SP a golden goose they were looking for. They are leaving no stone unturned to project themselves as saviours of North Indians.

Both MNS and SP are at loggerheads in order to woo the voters. BJP, a national party that is struggling to project its pan India outlook, is reluctant to change the hollow and illiberal outlook in Maharashtra. The criticism of Thackeray by BJP appears hollow. Instead of mentioning Thackeray for his ugly remarks, they demanded the resignation of the chief minister. It seems that they are on some other track. They need to be told that the resignation of the chief minister is not going to diffuse the tension, which is primary at the moment.

The notion that a particular city belongs to its natives and the people from other states or regions cannot work in that city is totally against the very essence of our Constitution and concept of national unity. Our Constitution has given right to every citizen to work and earn living anywhere in the country. But the recent incident has made me think on two points.

Firstly, what makes people leave their homes?

Herein lies another aspect of our politics. In the last 60 years, our political leaders and political parties have succeeded in enjoying themselves in the politics of non-development. The national parties are mainly responsible for this. They never paid heed to the development of India as a whole. In fact, the little development that has happened is centered around the state capitals and mostly around Delhi and Mumbai. The non-development in the other cities leads to birth of regional outfits and parties, which have no sensitivity towards the nation as a whole. No one can deny the fact that maximum job opportunities are available in these two metros only. Therefore, people migrate to make better living. In Mumbai, there is 70 per cent population of migrants who have come from every nook and corner of the country. Thus, Mumbai, South Asia’s biggest city, is choking. Everyday over 40 families arrive in Mumbai.

United Nations (UN) report says that Mumbai will have 30 million people by the year 2015, which makes it the world’s second most crowded city after Tokyo. This rising population stretches the infrastructure such as roads, water, railways, electricity, residences, law enforcement, etc. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), which is considered to be the best in the country, has failed miserably to create better infrastructure. The hindrances from various political outfits are also making life difficult for BMC. If it tries to replace slum, there are protests; if it takes action against illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, there are protests; if it takes steps against unauthorised settlements, it is not allowed to do so.

Mumbai is crumbling but none of the politicians are taking any comprehensive review of this chronic situation. They are unable to act tough, as they may loose something politically. Mumbai requires Rs 2,34,000 crores for infrastructure development but New Delhi has budgeted Rs 35,100 crore for whole Maharashtra. We need to be more practical and focus on the solutions rather than aggravating it. A more inclusive approach is required, and driving away immigrants is not going to help anyway. One of the approaches can be to decentralise the jobs from Mumbai to nearby areas such as Panvel and Vasai. The world’s largest cities like New York, Shanghai, Tokyo that faced similar problems have successfully implemented this solution. Then why can’t Mumbai? Political will is required.

Secondly, why people from UP and Bihar migrate most?

If you observe closely, you will find people from these two states all over the country. Punjab, Assam, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, to name few. One reason is that the labour from these two states is cheap and hardworking, ready to do jobs such as driving taxi, housekeeping, milkman etc. The main reason, though, is that the politicians of UP and Bihar are worthless with no self respect. The elections in these two states are never fought on the agenda of development, but on the petty issues of caste, community and religion. The politicos are so corrupted that they eat all funds diverted by centre for development. Mayawati government stalled Anil Ambani’s power project in Dadri, probably because it was cleared by her political rival. When a private player is meted with such a treatment, how can you expect him to set a factory in the state? This politics of ‘vendetta’ has led to dearth of private sector in UP and Bihar. There is no infrastructure in these two states and the politicos have no knowledge of the economics. For them, development is restricted to opening of new parks, lawns, memorials, etc. They never ponder to encourage the growth rate, number of private players, boosting agriculture, small-scale industries, and power plants in the state. With no option left at their disposal, the people of these two states are also needed to be blamed for the condition of the state. They always fall prey to vested motives and are very happy with underdevelopment in the state. Otherwise, they should have made their elected representatives more accountable.

The politicians from UP and Bihar are baying for Thackeray’s arrest but if they feel so insulted, then they should take the daunting task to provide job opportunities to people in their own state. Instead of expanding their political base in other state, they should concentrate on the well being of the people in their own state. Every regional party wants to go national but their motives are regional centric only. I would be more happy if Amar Singh, Mayawati, Lalu Prasad, who are ‘true saviours’ of the people from their state, do something to improve the living standards in UP and Bihar. The people of UP-Bihar have immense potential and are showed by their success stories with reference to number of engineers, doctors, and civil servants. But unfortunately, their own state cannot tap their talent. I will be happy to sacrifice my multinational corporation (MNC) job and work for upliftment of my state, provided government shows some positive signs.

Whatever is happening in Mumbai is very sad. It is basically part of regional chauvinism and parochial politics played at the expense of some very poor people. Nothing will come out of this situation and only poor will suffer. Political games are such that the people never understand these but they do play and become a part of it.

Mumbai shivers like never before

Winter can be a cruel thing especially when people are not prepared to face it. As, the mercury levels dipped to below ten temperatures, Mumbai saw its coldest Winter ever. And the city has come to terms with waking up to shivering mornings everyday.

In my 4th Standard, I had learnt in Geography that Bombay(as it was then called) had a moderate climate. Moderate would imply 15 degress to about 30 throught out the year, unlike the capital where the citizens used to suffer in extreme of climates. But after this year’s Winter, it seems Mumbai will lose the status of a city having Moderate Climate.

As the days got shorter and the Nights longer, Mumbaikars woke up to shivering mornings. In rest of the parts of India, you might feel what is the big deal in temperatures of 8 or 9 degrees? But you have to understand that this coastal city barely sees the mercury dip below 13 degrees. And woolens are not to be found anywhere in the City. The City to face Winters with a air of indifference. The climate used to be pleasant and congenial for a Late night stroll or an early morning Jog. But this Winter seems to have changed all that. Now the climate is no longer comfortable to just walk out of the House. With the strong gusts of Winds blowing, the effect has become even more biting.

It was not considered fashionable to wear woolens in Mumbai. Mumbai used to pride in the fact that they don’t have to change their dressing style with the changing seasons. So. Even at temperatures of below 10degrees, people are continuing their love affair with the Cottons. Either it is love or maybe they don’t have any woolens to wear.

There was a story about a few people coming from Northern India to sell Woolens here. Normally ever year in the Winter they would sell just about 2-3 garments everyday. But while sitting outside Victoria Terminus, their stock lasted just two hours with the harried Mumbaikars having to resort to the Woolens to protect them for the shivering Winter.

Post the Holiday season, the part used to continue in Mumbai in January and February but this time came the unexpected Winter Blues where people were forced to stay indoors and avoid the late night or the early morning partying. Women are draped in shawls, where as the Men are having to do with sweaters. Monkey Caps, mufflers all are in demand now.

Bikers face a huge problem, as the Cold Wind hits their face and sends chills down their spine. Leather jackets which were out of fashion a few weeks back, have become a must for all riding on two wheelers. The Air Conditioned offices have all switched it off and even the fans are no longer being used.

Who would have ever thought that Mumbai would beat Delhi in the Winter temperatures. On 9th February, 2008 the Minimum temperature of Mumbai was 8.5 degrees whereas in Delhi, it was 9 degrees. Note this date, as this had never happened in living history.

Mumbaikars are braving the cold as they have set themselves up for this New Season. A season which caught them off guard. Nature will continue to throw challenges at this city, but it will continue to rise and emerge victorious.

Nano: The cheapest car in the World!

The People’s Car‘Innovation and Evolution’ were the Words echoing at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi as Ratan Tata dramatically unveiled the much awaited People’s Car a the 9th Auto Expo. ‘A Quest to conquer, a conquest for leadership and a conquest for achieving new avenues. Ratan Tata’s dream, his vision, his people’s car which every Indian can afford has finally arrived. Continue reading Nano: The cheapest car in the World!

This New Year; Dont Drink and Drive

It is that time of the year when every city’s uber chic party animals are all set to ring in the New Year. Some will be flocking to the pubs, whereas the others will be enjoying exclusive performances by actresses at five star hotels. But one thing is for sure there will be drinks flowing at all these parties. If you choose to drink in your party there is nothing wrong with it but if you choose to drink and drive it could well spell doom for you. Continue reading This New Year; Dont Drink and Drive