Race for survival begins in Flood hit Bihar

It is said that every major tragedy gets the best out of people and the worst. The statement couldn’t have bee more apt for the situation in Bihar where the scarcity of food has triggered an ugly race for survival as people went on to loot a relief camp in Madhepura.
In the worst tragedy to have hit the state of Bihar, the Kosi river floods have displaced more than 30 lakh people and destroyed close to 3 lakh houses. Since the kosi river went of course flooding the districts of Bihar, more than 50 people have been killed and several lakhs left injured and rendered homeless. The naval officers have been sent to Bihar to carry on relief operations in parts of the state which are flooded to more than five feet. In the district of Madhepura, more than hundred people looted the relief camp at a development office where the food packets were stored. The government of Bihar on the other hand has started the usual blame game. Laloo Prasad Yadav went on to say that the government of Bihar had clearly failed in all its endeavors to do anything for the flood stricken victims.
But as days pass, people of Bihar are getting more and more impatient. With relief and food supplies trailing in at a snails pace, One person was reportedly killed in Madhepura district when a scuffle broke out between people at an overcrowded relief camp over the shortage of food supplies and medicines. In places people ran for miles after helicopters which were dropping food packets and in an unfortunate incident in the district of Supaul, one boy was killed and several others were injured when food packets fell on them. Inmates of the jail in Supaul took advantage of the flood waters and the absence of security to break out. The availability of food has also become scarce in the entire state of Bihar and will continue to be so after almost 2 lakh hectares of crops and vegetables was destroyed by the floods. UNICEF has brought in people for providing relief matter to the people but the transport system in the state is so abysmal that they cannot reach the badly affected areas. People have been stuck on the ceilings of their houses for days or have been clinging to tree tops for survival but how long they can fight when they have no food to survive on.
The tragedy that struck the state of Bihar is so immense that the fortunate ones who survived the fury of the flood waters in the past few days are now fighting starvation. Apart from the scarcity of food there is now an impending danger of epidemics spreading through the flooding waters. There have already been cases of Diarrhea and other diseases as well being reported from several makeshift camps. The government on its part will have to act fast else the magnitudes of this natural disaster will only rise. Meanwhile the sorrow of Bihar, has done what it had to and has created a major catastrophe of unparalleled magnitude in Bihar. With the death toll increasing day by day, it is up to the rest of us to donate whatever we can so that the survivors of the flood do not at least lose out in the battle for food. They are counting on us as every minute without food shelter or medicines passes by.

Donate for the floods in Bihar

As you may have read in the daily newspapers & watched on various TV news channels, the floods that have hit Bihar due to the overflowing of the Kosi river have taken a very drastic and devastating face.

Thousands of citizens have lost their lives and millions have been displaced or otherwise affected.

To get an idea of how destructive these floods have been, you can take a look at some of these news reports:

You should even take a look at the following videos:

In this situation of crisis, we have joined hands with the organisation Doctors For You to raise funds for the people affected in the floods. Click on the ChipIn! button on the page that opens on clicking the below link, to donate money to our Bihar Relief Fund.


We will publish on the blog & the Doctors For You website, the names & amounts of each and every person that joins us in this fund-raising drive, whatever may the amount be.

Bihar Flood Relief Work!

You all must be aware of the flood situation in Bihar. This is considered to be the biggest evacuation in the last hundred years. Millions of the people have been affected and thus on the behalf of the targetgenx team, we appeal to all the concerned citizens to donate generously and help in the rescue opertaions in any way possible. You can donate food, cloth, match box, torches, utensils, blankets, chlorine tablets/liquid etc.

There are many organization working towards the relief work. In case you don’t know how to go about the donations. Please check the link below.

Targetgenx is supporting Doctors for You in their relief operation.


Flood Releif Bihar

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This is the latest update from Hindustan Times on the ground situation in Bihar.

The flood situation in Bihar, triggered by the surging waters of the Kosi river, continued to be grave for the 13th day Saturday with hundreds of villages under water, millions displaced and many still crying for rescue.

“There is no let up in the flood situation, it has spread to new areas and the water is not receding. But relief and rescue operations are going on in a big way,” an official of the state disaster management department said here.

“We cannot say that the situation is improving; it will take some more days. The situation remained grim,” he said.

The floods have claimed 35 lives, with 20 people dying Friday when their boat capsized in Madhepura. Over 2.5 million people have been affected.

Bihar Minister for Disaster Management Nitish Mishra told IANS that evacuation would be intensified in the next 48 hours with the help of more boats, motorboats, army personnel and the National Disaster Response Force.

“The government is doing everything with the available resources to speed up efforts of relief and rescue,” he said.

Bad weather hampered rescue operations on Thursday and Friday.

Several Bihar districts were flooded by the swirling waters of the Kosi river following a breach in an embankment upstream in Nepal. According to official sources, the worst affected districts are Madhepura, Saharsa and Supaul, where panic-stricken people have taken shelter on rooftops, railway tracks and canal embankments.

“People have fled in large numbers from the affected areas in the last four days. All bus stands, railways stations in these areas are crowded with an unending rush of people trying to get out of flooded areas,” an official said.

According to official sources, more than 300,000 people had been evacuated by government agencies. “Over 100,000 people are being sheltered in 102 relief camps in the areas,” he said.

The floodwaters have destroyed hundreds of houses and 100,000 hectares of farmland.