Winners of the #india contest held during Independence Day

Hi all!

It is 19:47 hours and time to announce the winners of our 5-day twitter contest. It was great to see the amount of enthusiasm shown by all of you towards the contest!

There were 171 tweople who played the contest a total of 674 times. Thanks for your participation friends.

Also, this quiz wouldn’t have been possible without the support provided by & all the help provided by by sponsoring the questions!! Thanks to both!!

Both, have just started off on twitter and have assured to come on to twitter in a much more active manner. Do follow them on @myntra_1 and @gyaanin

We will start off with the winners of the keychains. Since it was the 63rd Independence Day of our nation, we offered every 63rd quiz-taker a keychain to take home! The winners are:

@s4sukhdeep, @simardeep88, @jishita, @ArchisM, @pluckyprob, @atm_215, @agrimsingh, @amanpreetsarora & @jasdeepjon

All of you get a keychain each. Congrats to all of you!!

The following are the daily winners:

Each one of you gets a cool @JaiHindIndians t-shirt, courtesy Congrats folks!

Coming down to our mega-prize. Hold your breath friends! The top scorer of the contest wins a cool watch!!

The top scorer scored 90.77 whopping points!! It is @shan_adhicary. Congrats Shan!! You get a wrist watch for yourself.

All the winners may please email us on contests [at] targetgenx [dot] com to know more about how to get your prizes!!

*The organizers’ decision on any matters related to the quiz is final and binding on all participants.

A call to YOUTH on this Independence Day

“Hesitating to act because the whole vision might not be achieved or others yet not share it, is an attitude that only hinders the progress.”- MK Gandhi

CELEBRATING ITS 63rd Independence Day, today (August 15), India has come a long way since 1947, with a mixture of both success and failure. The next decade is going to be extremely critical for our nation. If everything falls in place then we might eradicate few really tricky problems that are gripping our country. This will bring more prosperity and peace to the country. India’s biggest assets are its people. The underlying potential of our nation’s youth, needs to be unleashed. As young citizens of India we must realise that the development of this nation is wholly dependent on us. The development of a strong nation demands youth possessing steely will power, mighty determination and tremendous grit. To date, there has been a lot of cribbing and complaint.

It is time to act and do something constructive. The best thing that we can do is to bring some changes in the life of one person in our lifetime. If all of us can do this then the entire state of the nation can be given a new life. And let me tell you that this is not a difficult or impossible task. What is required is a motivation and willingness to contribute to the nation’s progress. We must make a start at least. You will find many guides and commentators in this nation. These people always appreciate/criticise what others are doing but will always show inability to do something themselves. These set of people must also understand that lip service is good for gossip but cannot serve any purpose. We must set goals for our life. We are here to make some changes. We must decide what we want to leave for the coming generation. It is our responsibility to hand over a better nation to our children. If we fail to do so we will be labeled villains by the coming generation.

Though problems plague India, there are solutions. A steely resolve can certainly provide answers to all riddles. Instead of blaming the system, young India should come together and mould our nation for a better tomorrow. Instead of asking questions, we must give solutions to the problems of corruption with good administrators, professionals, soldiers, education, population, environment, and leaders. There was a line in the film, Rang De Basanti: “Koi bhi desh perfect nahi hota, use perfect banana padta hai (no country is perfect, we have to make it perfect).” In order to make our nation perfect, the youth must get involved in every sphere they belong to – be it the IAS, IPS, defense, politics, or education. Now the youth of this nation must start a freedom struggle to secure independence from poverty and corruption. We must enlighten ourselves. The feeling of patriotism clubbed with morality, ethics and social responsibility will definitely make our nation great.

Let us unite together and make this nation great.