Happy Birthday to us!! Jai Hind!!

26th of July last year was when we started off with Jai Hind. Voila!! It is our birthday!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!

I’d gone to watch The Dark Knight 2 days back in a multiplex in Kolkata.

The rule of playing the National Anthem before the movie starts is something that has been introduced in various parts of the country at different points in time. It was already there in Maharashtra when I had moved to Mumbai four years back. Out here in Kolkata, it seems to have been introduced just lately.

An old schoolmate who had accompanied me to the movie and has also studied in Maharashtra blabbered out when it started – “Yeh Maharashtra ka rule yanha kaise aa gaya”! I really flared up at him saying what do you mean by Maharashtra’s rule. Aren’t we standing up to show respect towards our country, or are we doing it because it is the rule? And isn’t Kolkata in India? Also, I noticed some people just stand up for the sake of standing up and never really give a damn about the National Anthem being played. Then bloody why do you stand up if your intention is not to respect the Anthem?

There have been incidences of prominent Indians not even standing up when the National Anthem was being played and such statements where corporators have asked to play a recording instead of singing it. What kind of an example are they trying to set for their fellow citizens?

I pity those who do not understand the importance of the National Anthem. And I pity those who care more about giggling when A.R. Rehman sings the last Jaya He part, than giving our National Anthem its due respect.

Anyways, thanks to all the readers & authors for making Jai Hind the way it is.

We’ve had thousands of readers in this one year, and we hope to reach out to more and more Indians and create some awareness among them about our country.

Once again,