Judicial probe says Ishrat Jahan encounter is fake

THE MAGISTERIAL report probing the encounter of four people on June 15, 2004, says that the encounter was ‘staged’. Ishrat Jahan, a 19-year old student of Khalsa College, Mumbai and three others who were proclaimed Lashkar-e-Toiba operatives out to kill Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, were actually killed a day before they were officially shown as having died in a police encounter.

“Ishrat Jahan was killed by Gujarat police in a cold-blooded, pre-planned way…. The police crime branch officials carried out the fake encounter for their personal gains, for promotions and other benefits. They wanted to show they were doing a great job, essentially to seek appreciation from the chief minister,” says the 243-page report written in Gujarati.

This is the second such case during the tenure of Narendra Modi after Sohrabuddin Sheikh, which the government confessed before the Supreme Court was a case of ‘fake encounter’.

This latest news of encounter being ‘planned’ and executed ‘mercilessly’ has been described as setback to the Gujarat government but I feel that it is a setback for the entire nation if true. As a citizen of this country, it is really something to ponder upon. ‘Police Waala Gundas’ are worst than the terrorists. This can happen with any one of us. Imagine, four people being gunned down for sake of vested gains. Then they are labeled as ‘terrorists’. This is the ‘Death of Democracy’ where the citizens are being killed by its own police. The same police which is meant for safeguarding the residents of the country. This is really shameful for this country. The Indian National Flag should fly at half mast in shame for what happened to Ishrat Jahan and others.

It is now quintessential that the justice is done and all the culprits should be punished. At the same time, government must ensure that these incidents don’t happen in future. Such type of heinous crime will only widen the gap between different communities in the country.

Sanjeev Nanda Case: Mockery of Justice!

January 10, 1999 in the wee hours of Lodhi Colony area in Delhi, a speeding BMW mows down 6 people. All 6 including three police men are killed in the accident. More than 10 years have passed and accused has finally got the punishment for his heinous crime. Imprisonment for 2 years!! The accused is the son of known arms dealer Suresh Nanda, Sanjeev Nanda. In a “Historic Judgment”, Justice Kailash Gambhir of Delhi High Court set aside the trial court conviction of 5 years and convicted him under the milder Section 304 A (causing death by rash and negligent act) IPC.  Strangely, the court reduced Nanda’s term even after taking a stern view of the events following the accident, like Nanda’s fleeing from the spot and attempts to win over witnesses during the trial.

Well readers, this is the justice in India!!

The Constitution and law must be same for one and all. This is what I have read in the books. But the reality is something else. The law takes totally different course if you have money power. Take the instance of Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Alistair Pereira and Sanjeev Nanda. If you look into the history, you will see numerous instances where the justice has taken a beating for rich. I was reading a journal where it was written that in India, more than 99% of the prisoners belong to poor background. This is precisely that poor people cannot afford the renowned counsels to represent them. They are made scapegoat for big crimes to shield the main faces behind the crime. Their lives don’t carry great importance.

At this point of time, I can recall couple of lines of a song from movie Lawaris:
Aapka yeh pasina khoon se bhi keemti
Aur apne khoon ki keemat yahan kuch bhi nahi!
Apna to khoon paani
Jeena Marna Bemaani!!

This is the mockery of justice. For the Nanda’s family the justice has been done but what about the families who lost their loved ones? Justice Kailash Gambhir said that though the incident was “gruesome,” it could not be held that it occurred within the knowledge of Nanda. But where was his knowledge when he was drunk and driving. He was not wrong when he fled from the scene. He did no wrong when he tried to buy the witnesses.


But the judge has delivered the verdict and “justice has been done”. So lets’ forget the suffering of the families of deceased. Let us forget those who were trampled under the wheels. That was their fate. They were guilty of sleeping on pavement. No matter pavement is meant for pedestrian, a rich brat’s car can run anywhere. This verdict will condone Drink and Drive.

Long Live Money Power!  Long Live Democracy!

Participate in the Democratic Process

Very well said Sakshi, only God can bless India!! Because u have decided that u are not going to vote coz u don’t have any choice. But dear this is the democracy where if u are opposed of LK Advani being elected to PM or Dr MMS or Mayawati then there is a great possibility that a huge chunk of people do want them to become PM. If you are not open to what they feel/believe then i think u haven’t understood what the democracy exactly is. It is that form of system where people can voice their opinions on varying topics. Your views can be for or against but then there will be views against your views as well. This is the very essence of a democracy. You come to conclusion on the basis of discussion.
You say you don’t have any option to vote for. Then get out on election day and say that “I VOTE NOBODY”. Use 49-o for this purpose.
This is the privilege that u have been given by ur country to vote otherwise their are many countries where people are fighting to get this right. And u are disregarding it. If you are not willing to vote then u are not a participant in the democratic set up and u have no rights to blame the wrong/unjustified policies/rules/laws of the politicians.
If you feel that their is no choice available then take your future in your hand and u can become that able leader for whom the nation is looking for. But will u do it? If no then it means that u are only adding to the chaos of the political setup in the country.
Politics is not the dirty game, it is just that it has dirty players. If we can change the players the problem is solved. Remember one thing, that the corrupt/criminals etc are voted to power just because few of the very well educated enjoy the election day hanging out with friends/family. If you are not fulfilling your duty towards this nation then u just have no right to expect that others will do their duty.
I believe in one thing that the day voting percentage in this country will increase to say 85-90% only able leaders and politicians will be elected. It is very important thus to participate in the democratic process. Use 49-o, make more people aware of the same, choose the best candidate or choose the best from the worst. And in this process try to find a leader in yourself. It is this irony that all the netizens/youth/citizens are waiting in hope that one day some one will rise and take India to greater heights. It is this approach that will be more detrimental to our country than our politicians. We need to be the change. This younger generation will have to participate very proactively in the democratic process else only God will Save India……..
So get out and Vote….
That is the best thing to start up……

India is a Soft Terror Target

INDIA HAS once again been attacked. In the less than 24 hours, terrorists have struck again. Unfortunately, it is not new to our nation. In the last four years, we have experienced over a dozen attacks in the various parts of the country, which includes, Jaipur, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Malegaon, Mumbai, Lucknow, Varanasi, Delhi and Hyderabad. The ease with which these terror attacks are being carried out, raises a question: Whether terror-strikes have become as common as theft?

Terrorism in India has taken the form of an iceberg and till date we haven’t been able to unearth more than the tip of this iceberg. As the Center for Defense Information, America says, “India has been the victim of more terrorist attacks, both domestic and international, on its territory than any other country.”

The more disturbing thing is the soft approach of our government. We have a government that is bent on giving a ’safe haven’ to the terrorists. The government has completely failed to face and anticipate that these ’regular’ terror attacks are results a lack of coordination between the intelligence, and the central and state government. The government just uses the agenda of religion as a weapon and tolerance as a breeding ground for terror activities. We, as responsible citizens must question this attitude of government. India has been a top target for militants, and yet the central and the state government doesn’t wake up for some serious action regarding counter attack. It is behaving timidly and relentlessly with such an abysmal, shameless and stoic attitude.

Before naming anyone, government needs to set its responsibilities right. If there is lack of coordination among the state and the central agencies then the government needs to address that first. Every time terror attacks take place, the state agencies blame the Centre and in turn, the Centre washes its hands saying that the state government was warned beforehand but no heed was paid to the warning.

I don’t understand what the ministers are doing at the central level? They need to be more accountable. There is more to their job than just condemning the blasts and waiting for the investigation report. And one must not play politics when it comes to the issue of national security.

Have you ever heard of any breakthrough in these terror investigations? I haven’t heard any (apart from the Parliament attack, but we haven’t been able to hang the guilty yet) instance, where we have been able to nail the mastermind behind the attack. The investigations are going on at all places mentioned before and might continue to go on and on with no results.

We don’t have the spine to take action against these terrorists because of the politics involved. Senior intelligence officials like Ajay Sinha, Raman, TV Rajeswar have pointed out that over 1.5 crores Bangladeshis are overstaying in India. What have we done till date to look into this serious matter? What is even more surprising is that our home minister is not bothered about how these Bangladeshis could come in from the eastern part of the country and settle in various parts. Rather, he is more bothered about the human rights of infiltrators.

What a pity that we don’t have any specific laws dedicated to counter-terrorism. Every major country has such laws but we go the other way round. The government dismissed the Prevention of Terrorism Act, 2002 (POTA) that was specially designed to tackle terrorism. United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is also sitting on the Apex court’s decision to remove the Illegal Migrants Determination by Tribunals (IMDT) Act.

The government have been ineffectual in destroying the sleeping cells and local support for the terrorists. All because it say, “Let us not target any particular community”. Who is asking them to target an entire community? The Muslim community is not a party to terror and only a few people are responsible for it, then why does the government believe that any attempt to nab the terrorists would lead to opposition from the community?

The people who justify these acts should also be surceased. In India, we have list of such people, who try bizzare logic in defence of terrorists in cases such as the Babri Mosque case, Gujarat Riots or poverty. Fouad Ajami, arguably one of the most politically influential Arab-American intellectuals of this generation says, “There is another issue that has been brought to the fore by commentaries on the UK bombings: The role of apologists, fellow travellers and grievance peddlers, who exhort us to ’understand basic issues’ and attend to ’root causes’, instead of focussing on the challenge of terrorism.

Serial Blasts Rock Ahmedabad

At least�29 people were killed and over 100�were injured as 16 serial bomb blasts rocked Ahmedabad on Saturday evening. Cycles were probably used to plant the bombs while some were placed on buses, G K Parmar, joint commissioner of Ahmedbad police, told rediff.com.�

Parmar said that�the police are on the lookout for more live bombs. The explosions occurred at Maninagar, Isanpur, Narol circle, Bapunagar, Hatkeshwar and Sarangpur bridge, Sarkej and Odhav and created a wave of panic.

Crowded areas including market places were hit in the synchronised ‘low-intensity’ explosions in a space of 60 to 70 minutes after the first blast hit Maninagar at 6.45 pm. The bombs placed in tiffin boxes were strapped on to bicycles. Some of the blast sites were in sensitive areas in the old city but the situation was peaceful as the night wore on.

There were three blasts in Maninagar–the constituency of Chief Minister Narendra Modi–and two in Sarkhej targeting a state transport CNG bus and near the old Sangam theatre.

“As per the latest information, 29 persons were killed,” Modi told reporters late on Saturday night.

Significantly, two blasts occurred in the premises of Civil and LG hospitals where several victims of the explosions in other areas were being rushed exacerbating the already tense situation. A nationwide alert has been sounded.

A shocked Modi said the Ahmedabad blasts was a ‘war against India’ and a handiwork of terror groups. Declaring there should be one voice against terrorism, Modi also said there is a ‘mastermind group and a mastermind country’ behind the blasts. The people behind the attack will be ‘hounded out’, said Modi, who also spoke to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

“The blasts were of low intensity and similar to those which hit Bangalore,” Union Minister of State for Home Sriprakash Jaiswal told reporters in Kanpur.

A common feature seen at the blast sites was use of blue ballbearings in the explosions.

The civic authorities have stopped plying of all the city transport buses.

Gujarat has been put on high alert following the blast. Security has been beefed up across the state, particularly in Gandhinagar, and special police teams were deployed at vulnerable places, said Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah.

He said the government would take all measures to maintain law and order.�

Sources said that minutes before the blasts, the Intelligence Bureau received a mail from the Indian Mujahideen, which stated, “Stop us if you can.”

A couple of bombs were reported to have been placed in tiffin boxes in a modus operandi similar to the explosions outside a Lucknow court last year.

A high level meeting of state director general of police and home secretaries will be convened shortly, said Union Home Secretary Madhukar Gupta.

The Ahmedabad serial blasts come a day after two people were killed in�nine serial blasts that shook Bengaluru.

Bapunagar, Isranpur and Raipur, where the blasts have taken place, are considered to be� communally sensitive areas.

President Pratibha Patil and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh condemned the blasts and appealed for calm.

�Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil has convened a high-level meeting to review the security situation in the country.

“I do not wish to say anything other than this that a meeting will be held tomorrow at 11 am to review the security situation in the country,” Patil told reporters.

He added, “Anti-national elements have been trying to create panic among the people of our country. Today’s blasts in Ahmedabad seem to be part of the same strategy.”

Source: Rediff

Jaipur Terror Attack: The Government “Condemns”

Jaipur Blast AftermathIN A tragic yet surprising development, serial bomb blasts occurred at half-a-dozen places in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The serial blasts were well planned by the terrorists. They are not interested in Tier-I cities of India, instead they are targeting Tier-II and Tier-III cities across the country. Jaipur is one of the foremost symbol of India’s cultural heritage. Lakhs of tourists come to the Pink City every year and Rajasthan is the face of Indian tourism worldwide.So yet another terror attack in India and the same old story is being repeated. Neither the government, nor the opposition has responded much regarding the recent attack, but the blame game has started in the political arena. The government is blaming the Intelligence, while Intelligence agencies are blaming the police for not paying heed to their warnings. Meanwhile, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is blaming United Progressive Alliance (UPA) for its soft approach towards combating terrorism. The press release from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said – “Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh was shocked to hear of the serial blasts in Jaipur. The Prime Minister condemned this dastardly attack, the main intent of which was to cause the loss of innocent people’s lives and create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity. He requested the brave citizens of Jaipur to be calm at this difficult moment. The government of India will provide all possible assistance to the state government to restore normalcy and would go to the root of this attack.”

It is heartening to see that the PM is indeed ’shocked’. What the PM has mentioned till now is summarised below:

The terrorist bombings are condemned as usual in what have become standard responses. It is being stressed that India would not buckle under terrorism. The spirit of citizens is being praised for their fortitude and their resilience to resume normal life. People were advised to maintain communal harmony.

Then, a few days would pass and the same story will be repeated at some other location and we would hear the same responses.

Now lets see the other side of the coin.

There is no such thing like ’spirit’ of the citizens. We should ask the ones who have lost their near and dear ones whether they are living in high spirit? The victims were certainly not planning to disrupt communal harmony, so why should we advise them to maintain it? It must be directed towards the politicians, who must be trying to take mileage out of this. India will certainly not buckle down under terrorism. We just live with that! The tragedy of terrorism in India is not the fact that innocent lives are lost, but the fact that the government, in the garb of ’terror cannot affect our way of being’ notion, adopts a ‘back to normal’ approach within 24 hours. Since 2004, India has lost more than 3,725 lives due to terror attacks. This, a recent study pointed out, was more than the number of terrorist casualties in North America, South America, Central America, Europe and Eurasia put together.

The Indian government has always been seen wanting after such attacks. It does lack some conviction to fight terror. I may be wrong but it presents such face to the world. They have not talked about the re-emergence of the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and strengthening of the Bangladesh based Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HuJI) in the last few years. In the last few days, we have seen very timid response from the government on issue of cross-border terrorism. The terror incidents in Kashmir have decreased, but the government is unable to clip the wings of terror in other parts. The porous borders of India in Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, North East states and Line of Control (LOC) have never been discussed or dealt with seriousness, as it should have been. Indian political leaders project themselves as incapable of giving strong responses and no proper strategy of attacking the root of terrorism, at least within the country, has been formulated. There is no denying that that it is very difficult to eliminate terror strikes, but at least we should make efforts to stop it and not encourage or boost the morale of terrorists by such timid responses. It is time for the government to wake up from the deep slumber.