The vanished fizz of the Mumbai Mayhem

It’s been a year since 10 young men without soul though, shook the financial capital of India. But has anything changed yet? Have our politicians who took moral responsibility of the attack and resigned done something concrete for beefing up the security of the nation? Chuck the selfish politicians. Have people realized their duties and taken some materialistic steps to protect the dignity of our motherland? Has the “Fizz” behavior which they showed by thronging roads of Gateway of India in lakhs on December 3, 2008 led to something substantial?

Things have definitely changed in the course of time. There were waves in the political industry after the terrorist attack. Our Home minister then Mr. Shivraj Patil now only enjoys the Rajya Sabha seat unlike before where he was privileged to be our Union home minister too. And lets not forget that he is been considered as one of the candidates for Governor of Punjab’s seat too. Seems a remarkable change, huh? The renowned Deputy Chief minister of Maharashtra then Mr. R R Patil has had a rollercoaster ride. He resigned quoting he had gone by his conscience and hence decided to step down but I wonder what moral grounds made him comment then that “small incidents like this do happen in big cities.” Post 26/11 he enjoyed the cushy party head post of Maharashtra for NCP. That’s the change, where you are debarred of one postion and you get the other. On an astonishing note he has been awarded the Home ministry again after the 2009 elections of Maharashtra. A notable change that he has gone through personally is that his conscience, on grounds of which he resigned, is dead as he has accepted the Home ministry again. The Chief Minister then, Vilasrao Deshmukh, who took famous Bollywood director Ram Gopal Verma along with him to the terrorized location The Trident, so possibly that he could make a movie or probably a mockery out of the shattered lives of many, comfortably holds Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises enjoying a Cabinet Minister status. Is this the real change we are looking for? 200% the answer is NO.

We as citizens of the country expect more safety. We want modernized safety institutions which can protect our country effectively. We want more transparent system where the government is answerable to the public of its every act which probably would enhance accountability of government towards public. We demand more respect for people guarding us i.e the Army at the borders, the Police Force, the NSG, the CRPF, the SRPF, the RPF, the Navy, the Air force. Governments please wake up and provide them with modern equipments to fight terror. Please do not treat our security forces as garbage. Assign them proper accommodation unlike the SRPF jawans who are posted at the Taj and Trident since two months but have only their van where they eat, sleep, change. Will even a single elite minister survive in a van, forget around 20-30 surviving in one like them? Those people consider it their duty to guard and hence are keeping all atrocities faced by them aside. Ministers, please learn a lesson from this that duty comes first and then the self interest. Although the NSG has already landed in the island city but they are facing “N” number of hurdles to set themselves up. Can’t the process be smoothly carried out for the force protecting us risking themselves. Government it’s time you realize “All said Nothing Done” will not work. It’s high time you stop pampering Ajmal Kasab. Nail down the culprits of the nation. Rise to your responsibility.

Although I feel it’s not only government but every individual’s duty too. Rise to the call of your nation. Convert the “Fizz” behavior depicted in the road show of strength to concrete actions. Question the government for injustice then only would the government be compelled to answer. Ensure that you vote to bring the right person to power. Let’s not forget Maj. Unnikrishnan, Gajendra Singh, Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte, Vijay Salaskar, Tukaram Omble and 10 other policemen who sacrificed their lives in line of duty. Let’s not forget every soldier of nation who has till date always kept their personal lives on back burners against their work. Let’s rise and be one of them. If that’s not possible at least we can make sure they get due respect and recognition for their work. Every individual has the potential to make a difference however small it may be. Let’s collectively make the difference a huge one. Let’s get out of our habit of deafening ourselves at the call of a poor citizen. Let the call of justice be same for the rich and poor.

So folks at the tragic anniversary of Mumbai carnage where around 183 people died and 500 plus injured, let’s take an oath to change the face of nation. Let’s unite and pledge that the shape of our nation will be different at the carnage’s second anniversary. Let’s swear that we will together work to take our very own India to new heights every year, every day and infact every moment.

Same Witnesses in two different Blast Cases

There could be a case of fake witnesses as the two same men have been witnesses in the 2003 Gateway of India blast and the 7/11 blasts in 2006. Ashraf Ansari has written a letter to the Chief Justice saying that he is being framed by the Mumbai Police.


Mumbai has been rocked by Serial blasts time and again. The snail’s pace at which the Judiciary works ensured that the 1992 Blasts case became the longest case in the history of the Indian Judiciary. The case was on for fifteen years with just being meted out to all the perpetrators last year. Under the TADA Court, many of the accused in the Blasts case were given life imprisonment.


Even the actor Sanjay Dutt could not escape punishment though later he was granted bail by the Supreme Court. But as with that blast case is it justice that always triumphs? Well, the letter written by the blast accused Ashraf Ansari to the Chief Justice of India does not signal so.


What is the probability of a man being a witness in two different blasts? The answer would be almost negligible. But Hari Popat is a witness in the Gateway of India and the Zaveri Bazaar blasts in the year 2003 and the serial blasts which rocked the Local trains of Mumbai in the year 2006. Not just Popat, another person’s name finds place in both the blasts as a witness. Is it just a coincidence or were the two witnesses actually present when the terrorists were plotting the blasts?


Ashraf Shafiq Ansari who is presently under judicial custody has written a letter to the chief Justice of India through his Advocate. Ansari believes that he is being framed by the Mumbai Police in the blasts case. He has filed a legal complaint with the P.O.T.A court. In the letter written by Ansari, he says that Hari Popat had argued with him moments before the blast occurred. Ansari had lodged two complaints last year on February 5th 2007 and March 1st against Hari Popat and Mohammadali Ajmeri respectively.


Ansari believes that both the witnesses were fake witnesses planted by the Mumbai police in order to frame him. Popat had informed the Mumbai Police that early on the morning of the 2003 Zaveri bazaar he had seen Ashraf Ansari alight from the Taxi. When he heard of the blast in the train in the Taxi in the afternoon he informed the police. But Hari Popat was also a witness as a ‘Request Panchnaama’ in the 7/11 blasts three years later.


This is the plea of Ashraf Ansari as he has written a letter to the Chief Justice of the High Court. This letter has come an year after he filed two complaints with the local police but the desired outcome was not attained as his complaints were not heard by the POTA court.


If the complaint of Ashraf ansari turns out to be true after the investigation then it would be shocking for all the citizens of Mumbai. The Mumbai Police has already had fake encounter and corruption cases registered against them in the past. If the allegations made by Ansari prove to be true, then the Mumbai Police would have its heads low in shame. Even in such a high profile case under the TADA court if there is a possibility of fake witnesses and then imagine what could happen in low profile cases that take place everyday. The Mumbai Police has some explanation to make.