Politicians and Curious Cases of “Chest Pain”

Tell me what is common in the list given below.

BS Yedurappa, Amar Singh, A Raja, Madhu Koda, Suresh Kalmadi, Pappu Yadav, Kalpnath Rai ….. and list continues.

You guessed it wrong. They all are politicians involved in some scam or criminal cases and were arrested. But the point common is that within hours of their arrest, they had “CHEST PAIN.”
From the self proclaimed “Lions” they become their true self i.e “Bheegi Billi.”

This is a curious case involving the politicians of this great democracy. These leaders when on chair used illegal methods to accumulate wealth. The day when their arrest becomes inevitable, they will surrender or sit in police van with a smirk on their face. The smirk is because they know that the judiciary can do no harm to them. They will hire best lawyers who will “fight for truth” and first get them bail and then let the case carry on forever. There have been hardly any cases where politicians have been proven guilty.

I wonder how come they get chest pain as soon as they enter the boundaries of so called jail. You will be surprised to see the facility that they get while being in jail. BS Yedurappa was fine and clamoring his inncoence till his arrest became inevitable. And the very next day of arrest we found him in hospital after he complaint of chest pain. Similarly, Amar Singh expelled Samajwadi Party leader continued blabbering about his ill health and finally managed to get hospitalized. A Raja, the 2G champ also went through similar process. They go to hospital and use their muscle/money power to settle the case.

Isn’t very funny that these politicians are so “weak hearted” when it comes to spending some time away from home in a five star jail. They get royal treatment as if they were some saint. If the common man complains of chest pain he will probably be given a “lathi” from police but not hospitalization. It is such a true fact that morality has reached nadir for these politicians and they have no nuts or guts to face the consequences for the deeds they have done. I wonder if they are so weak hearted then their reaction during times of emergency in country will also be as pathetic if they were on to be the chair. Sometimes, I feel that these politicians must undergo a medical checkup before standing for elections.

Somewhere we all know that this “chest pain” is just a gimmick. But the pity thing is that despite knowing the very fact we are unable to do anything. This shows the weakness of our law and need for overhaul of judiciary.

Terrorism and our Politicians

It has been over 54 hours since the terror struck Mumbai and the operations are still going on at Taj Hotel. Well, I just have no words to speak about my state of mind– Shocked, Angry, resentment, Helpless!

I have really started to think so weirdly that I can do anything at this moment. At this juncture of my mind, I have ample of reasons to believe that the main perpetrators of this dastard act of terror is our very own POLITICIANS.

The state of Politics is such, that I will be shocked to see if our politicians do not make an issue out of this attack in the upcoming polls. This attack on Mumbai is very different from the other attacks that have hit the country in last 6 months. This attack was aimed at damaging the Indian relations with US, UK, Israel and other Western European countries. This terror also marked a new benchmark with the type of planning and execution was put in. It has also demonstrated how vulnerable the state of India is to terrorism.

The politicians of this nation could not demonstrate unity at this hour of crisis. The PM and leader of opposition came to the city and left after just “condemning” the attacks. “Thanks” to LK Advani for pointing out that this doesn’t really look like the right time to play politics. I guess, otherwise he would have used the word Islam so many times and would have portrayed himself as the true saviour of the nation. Our PM did address the nation after “18 hours” of the attack and said that his government will fight the terror at all cost. But his speech was so uninspiring that it failed to inspire people who were shocked and shaken. It looked like a recorded clip that he has been playing after each and every attack from Ahmedabad to Guwahati and Kashmir to Bangalore. Its a pity that the PM and opposition leader couldn’t make it to Mumbai on a single plane. These are times when every gesture speaks out much more than it means! The editorial in the mouthpiece of Shiv Sena’s Saamna used the words Hindu and Muslim to mention terror. When will our politicians understand that terrorists have no religion whether they are Muslims, Hindu or Christian. They are the people who have sick thoughts in their mind and must be dealt with the same laws and should not be looked upon based on their religion. But, unfortunately that has not been the case. India is perhaps the only country in which a terrorist is not viewed as a terrorist but seen through a communal prism.

K Subrahmanyam mentions in his article

“In the US, when the 9/11 attack took place, the leaders of the Democratic Party immediately rallied behind the Republican Administration and pledged their full support. The Patriot Act, with stringent anti-terrorist measures, passed with bipartisan support. The 9/11 attack was investigated by a bipartisan commission and the recommendations of the commission were implemented. While there may be criticisms in the US about the severity of the Patriot Act and follow-up actions of the Bush administration including the rendition procedures and torture allegations and Guantanamo Bay detention camps, the bipartisan cooperation on anti-terrorist operations have proved so effective that US has not suffered a second attack after 9/11.”

I don’t have any count of terror strikes that has taken place in India since then.

Every attack on the integrity and pride of nation is seen as a plank to garner more votes by our politicians. The Maharashtra ATS chief lost his life in the gun battle who carried the responsibility without any biasing.  The BJP and it’s allies who had stated that Mr. Karkare was anti-national for his revelations on the Malegaon blasts, were now of the opinion that he paid the ultimate price trying to save people like you and me.

Time has come to depoliticise our response to terror. If tragedies of this scale cannot motivate us, then I doubt calling my nation as a great nation, civilization or democracy. It is high time that our politicians realize that a true leader does not require power or position and most importantly a true leader never gives excuses for failures. The government will give excuses and blame it on the security agencies. Congress is so worried about the votes that they won’t act even if some one comes and hits the very root of our identity. What are your plans Mr. Singh? What do you think dear PM? Will you provide legal assistance to the terrorists arrested? Are you planning to place a commission to investigate if Mr. Karkare was killed by ATS itself and terrorists were innocent? Shame on my country’s leaders. I am so furious with our bloody politicians!! I just cannot be resilient and tolerant anymore. We desperately need young, dynamic, intelligent, honest and upright leaders, who actually care for the country.

It is a wake up call for all whose heart still weeps for the country and whose conscience has yet not slept to come forward, join hands and eradicate the dirty players from the game of politics. All the concerned citizens irrespective of the region or religion must blend together to at least try to restore the peace in the country.