The Irony called Indian Elections…

India is a Democracy.

This is a fact that is known to all.

Another fact that is known to all is: India goes to elections every five years. And the five years of the current government are over. With the elections less than a month away, new and old alliances are being forged.

But does that really matter?

I do not think, that it does. In a country that boasts itself of having THE largest democracy in the world, elections are nothing but a mere formality. The voter, even if encouraged to go and vote, comes out of the voting booth dismayed and wonders: “How right or wrong was my choice?”

Unfortunately its not about choices. Its about, having the strongest wrist of Iron. There are goons, there are criminals, illitrate and absolute morons who nominate themselves for elections. These are the people who represent the ‘aam aadmi’ of India, in the Parliament and then in the world.

Ask the aam aadmi, and he will say that, he had no choice, it was either bad or worse. And between the two, there is no one who would even make these politicians the chowkidaar of their house… let alone they becoming the watchdogs of the country and the constitution.

Every five years, there is the Drama… of who is Better… the government that was.. or the government that should have been there… but then, politics long ago stopped being about running the country or developing the country for the benefit of the majority. It has become a job. And a dirty little pig sty where, even if you intend to do good, you end up being muddied.

2009, is being hailed as a big year for Indian Politics. It is the year of the biggest general elections… ever. The BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate is Shri L.K. Advani- A hindu Fanatic… who has never really done any good. Even when AB Vajpayee was PM, he has mostly opposed developmental issues. Oldie, who has a lot of faith in Jinnah.

Congress is, I think, betting on PM Manmohan Singh to stay on. I personally felt that he has been a spineless receiver of First Lady a.k.a. Sonia Gandhi’s orders. The best part about him, is that he an educated man, and someone who is not agitated easily by stupid remarks. And, I have always loved his Budgets. I also feel that economy plays a very important role in the running of a country and the PM being a knowledgeable person is a great thing. The BIG NUKE deal, came through thanks to his understanding. Downside- OLD OLD and OLD.

Then there is our very own Obama, Ms Mayawati. Just a thought with regards to that here: Goonda Raj is gonna officially become LAW, if at all that is gonna happen. Just imagine, someone like her at the highest seat of authority… as if our current President is not enough emabarrasment… (Remember how she claimed that GOD had come in her dreams telling her that she is gonna be the President…!!!)

Who should the people be voting for??

With the recent campaigns by Election Commission and other media, Youth is being motivated to go and vote. But, who should the youth vote for… there is no politician who shares the dreams and aspirations of a vote-giving youth. They are not allowed to wear the clothes they want to… or do as they like… normal working girls are not safe anywhere.

Its the great irony of Indian elections, that every five years we are told to excercise our fundamental rights to go and vote, only to find that its again the bad and the worse fighting for their survival instead of the good and the best working towards running the country.

Who would you vote for??

Hindu Fanatics, who say that women are to be treated like animals and women liberation is shit. Or give another chance to the learned oldie Manmohan so that if nothing else, we may be able to find a way out of recession… or have the greatest embarrassment and elect Maya aunty…

It has to be between the bad, the worse and the worst…!!! God Bless India.

Mayawati makes it to the forbes most powerful women in the World

The magic of Maya seems to have just begun as the Bahujan Samajwadi Party Supremo made her debut in the Forbes most powerful women in the World. The list of hundred includes three other Indians- Sonia Gandhi, Indra Nooyi and Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.
Mayawati may have not quite made it to the post of the prime minister but she has definitely made it to the omnipotent women of the World list released by the Forbes Magazine. Mayawati made her debut at the 59th position whereas Congress chairperson Sonia Gandhi was present on the 21st position. A fall from her last years sixth rank. The other Indians who made it to the list include Pepsi CEO Indra Nooyi and chief of Biocon Kiran Mazumdar Shaw. Indra Nooyi had moved two places from here last year’s 5th place to a commendable third place this year whereas Kiran just completed the top hundred list by coming in at the 99th position.
Mayawati’s debut into the list may not come as a surprise to many political critics as since becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, she has gone from strength to strength. From having ambitions of becoming prime minister of the country to being the assumed head of the third front of Indian politics, Mayawati has made her agenda in politics very clear from the beginning. The trust vote on the Indo US deal may have not gone her ways, but it is a known fact that her political career has risen tremendously in the past few years and who knows her ambitions of leading the country one day may soon be realized. Sonia Gandhi’s position in the list seems to have fallen  bit after she let Primeminister Manmohan singh take the limelight and face the contentious issues relating to the Indo Us nuclear deal while herself maintaining a low profile for sometime. But never the less Sonia Gandhi continues to be strongest woman politician in our country.
The Forbes top 100 list was topped by the German chanceller Angela Merkel second year running. The second position went to Federal Deposit Insurance Corp Chairman Sheila C Bair of the United States of America. Hillary Clinton may have not been selected as the Democratic nomination for the President in America but American women have dominated the list with six of the top ten belonging to the States. Wallpoint CEO Angela Braly and the US secretary of State Condolezza Rice also make it to the top ten. Hillary Clinton herself came in at the 28th place. Other notable women who can be found in the list are Oprah Winfrey at the 36th place, Melinda Gates at the 44th and Queen Elizabeth 2 on the 58th position.
Indian women may not be getting their due in our society but Forbes has acknowledged the power of the Indian women by including four Indian women in the top 100 list. All the women mentioned have achieved several milestones in their powerful careers.  It is interesting to note that these four women come from politics and the corporate world both of which are supposed to be dominated by the Men. Hence these women represent the ambitions and the aspirations of millions of other Indian girls who too want to push the glass ceiling and reach for the Sky. These women truly epitomize the Indian woman of today- who is confident and wants to reach for the stars.

Modi “Especial” in Gujarat

Gujarat elections results are out. Unexpected or Expected? Incumbent Gujarat Chief Minister, Narendra Modi and the BJP won their third consecutive term in Gujarat. First and foremost, there is no getting away from the fact that this is an out and out Modi victory. Narendra Modi becomes even more strong in Gujarat (assuming that is still possible) as the Keshubhai’s and the Shankar Singh’s have shown exactly how much they are worth – nil, nothing. (According to Our Fellow Blogger Comrade Chakra)

ModiTHE TREMENDOUS and outstanding victory of Narendra Modi deserves praise, because he stood for his principles and was never apologetic or changed just for the sake of elections as is being done by Indian politicians. He just gave his opinion distinctly, which was well understood by the people of Gujarat, and he has been voted massively by the people. This is a wonderful New Year gift to the BJP, to the people of Gujarat, and an eye opener to the rest of India.

Narendra Modi’s impressive show in the Gujarat Assembly elections today stunned the Congress amidst a debate on whether its president Sonia Gandhi’s “liars and merchants of death” remarks were a “tactical mistake” exploited by the Chief Minister. As long as the main stream party like the Congress indulges in hypocrisy as evidence in the preset turmoil in Punjab and mount disinformation that BJP is communal and drive them to a corner and spread the canard that anti-hindutva is the index of secularism, Narendra Modis will continue to win.

I quote from Barkha Dutt’s Prisoners of Past article that appeared in Hindustan Times recently– “A Modi-centric attack that dwells on the state-sponsored violence of 2002 only seems to rally public opinion around him. It’s the reason the Tehelka sting on the riots barely finds mention in the Congress campaign. The English media today is seen by the ordinary Gujarati as an elite conspirator who is out to tarnish his state. Big battles sometimes need quiet and low-key solutions. For there to be any dramatic change in Gujarat, the paradigm of public debate just has to move away from the riots of 2002. To ensure the future of Gujarat, we can no longer remain prisoners of the past.”

Nothing, not the rebel factor, not his haughty style of functioning, not the sidelining of the Sangh Parivar, not even the larger-than-life he created for himself, seems to have worked against Modi’s carefully calibrated brand of cultural nationalism, hinged on Gujarati asmita that tapped into the fear of the other. It has also shown, for the second time after Uttar Pradesh, that while a Rahul/Sonia rally may draw the crowds, it certainly does not draw votes. It has also vindicated that Madam’s strength is back-room machinations and she still has a long way to go before she becomes a potent force as a mass leader.

What is so special about Modi? This election it was Narendra Modi Vs Rest. There were numerous controversies that loomed before and during the election campaign but nothing happened. This election is going to have ever lasting impacts on national politics. Perhaps this election has made Modi’s persona even larger. Modi has ideas and Modi has vision. These are attributes often absent in many leaders and Congress just didn’t had any alternative to Modi.

At the recent National Development Council in New Delhi Modi was very clear that India knocking on 2008 should talk about economic criteria not religion. His presentation was that of a man who knows his economics. He was hitting out at Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s plans to earmark 15 per cent of funds under the 11th plan for minorities. He saw it as a move just to make Muslims happy. People were impressed with Modi’s speech and Modi’s attack. And he spoke on a lot of issues, about investment, development, education. Those present saw the visionary in Modi—the posterboy of Gujarati Asmita and beyond. This huge support that Modi enjoys is something that was not with him before. If Hindus find that they are victims of reverse discrimination when it comes to government development schemes. Modi is right. Which birdbrain came up with this idea? It must count among the most irresponsible that any government has devised and any idiot should be able to see that it will lead to the social tensions Modi predicts. In a process of wooing the voters we are going very far that may have dire consequences on our society. The problem in our country is that every move that government makes is motivated by “Votes”. Let me draw your attention to one more such happenings and that is of Taslima Nasreen. Last week the GOI tols her that she cannot be allowed to enter Kolkata and if she does she may be deported. She lives under virtual house arrest at an ‘undisclosed address near Delhi’ ever since the West Bengal government put her on a midnight flight out of Kolkata last month. Now, she has been told that this is the only sort of hospitality India can offer. This is the secularism of UPA? They are threatening Taslima Nasreen and not the one who are threatening Taslima. The problem lies that there is no proper understanding of “Secularism.” UPA and its allies uses it as it suits them. Sitaram Yechury has called for unity among “SECULAR PARTIES” after Modi won the elections today. Today if you speak a word about Hindus, then you are communal. In this quest of keeping “Communal Powers” at the bay we have seen how few states have been ruined (UP under Mulayam and Bihar under RJD, both places Congress supported the government). It is because of this bizarre understanding of secularism that a man like Narendra Modi is becoming acceptable to middle-class Indians even outside Gujarat. It would not have happened if Rajiv Gandhi had not foolishly accepted the claim of fundamentalist Muslims to their own personal law. It would not have happened if V.P. Singh had not added Mandal fuel to the fire. Any sort of reverse discrimination is not acceptable today to an ordinary middle class citizen.

For some, Narendra Modi is a demagogue. And in this case he is also not different to the others. If Rajiv Gandhi and Indiraji is not a demon then Modi is also not (Just look at the figures of riots of 1984 and 2002). I am not vindicating Modi on riots but just making a point of double standards and hypocrisy that is prevalent in today media and “Secular Parties”. In making him a demon the so called liberals have made Narendra Modi a national figure and let me tell you that no Chief Minister is as known as Modi even outside Gujarat.